30 True Facts About Scorpio Personality

A Scorpio can not be manipulated.

They do not stand the cowards who seek the guilty ones instead of taking responsibility of their actions.

If a Scorpio likes you, you’ll definitely become its confident.

Scorpios will play with your nerves, because this is one of their talents. When doing this, they will remain calm.

They are very discreet and secretive.

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They face the situations by themselves and rarely seek help.

They see and hear everything, keeping to themselves what they know.

They are the most realistic of all zodiac signs.

They can forgive a lie if you have the decency to acknowledge it.

When they are angry, they transmit their indifference in all directions.

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If you want to trigger the apocalypse, play with a Scorpio’s feelings.

Scorpions always tell what bothers them to others and have no hard feelings if their sincerity irritates others.

You should be afraid of a nervous Scorpion.

They care about people and have a very good intuition.

They are introverts.

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They feel the energy of the people they make contact with.

They are bad-mouth people.

They are not crazy about fancy clothes, they don’t get fooled by the brand’s name.

Scorpios do not stand stupid conversations and treats them with sarcasm.

They have the questioning habit in order to discover if you’re hiding something.

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You can not forget a Scorpio.

They take their frustration out on anyone; guilty or not guilty.

Scorpios always hide their grief.

They are happiest when someone understands them without judging.

Scorpios don’t like one-night stands. They are the marriage-type.

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Scorpio natives are pleasant people even they often leave a different impression.

They hate lying.

They are not afraid to try something new.

They consider themselves alone and misunderstood.

If there is something they hate most, that is stupidity.

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