15 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

Yesterday I was very pissed off when I tried to bake a cheesecake and was kind of difficult because I always forget to buy that special cheesecake pot. Not to mention, other difficulties which I encountered in the kitchen…for example I always cry when I cut onions even if I tried all those tricks, like keeping the onion into cold water before slicing it. It’s not working for me, so I decided to search over internet to try different things. And I found a lot of interesting kitchen gadgets very useful for all housewives. THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS.

1. Finger picks

These finger picks are amazing! Instead of picking olives or other appetizers with your fingers, which is not very hygienic, you can use these cool inventions. Trying to catch them with a fork it’s pretty hard, but you already know that.

2. Professional Multi-Chopper

Just like in the image, I’ll use this to chop onions to stop crying. And it’s very useful to chop everything.

3. Meat tenderizer

Soften meat before cooking with this meat tenderizer. It looks nice instead of that hammer, and you won’t make noise when you tender the meat.

4. Nibble Pan: Bake and Taste

Bake your cake and taste it, too. See if it’s ready or not, without ruining the whole cake.

5. Safe Slice Knife Guard

No more bleeding fingers. Use this knife guard and protect your fingers. Quite an invention, huh?

6. Meal Measure

Dieting? Well, you can use this food measurer to make your portions.

7. Adjustable Potato Ricer

Nice gadget to save time in your kitchen. Want to prepare some mashed potatoes? Then you should purchase one of this.

8. Condiment Gun

If you don’t want to purchase something like this, then your kids will definitely want. It’s great for BBQ’s to fill your gun with ketchup or mustard. K-boom!

9. Easy Tool Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer Peeler Cut

This is very handy for me. I’m allergic to pineapple but my kids adore it, and I just find the perfect tool to please them.

10. Melon Slicer

Slicing your melon with a knife it’s very hard. Different accidents may happen and it’s better to purchase such a slicer, not only to cut your melon nicely but to avoid some bleeding fingers.

11. Bowl Pour Sprout

Avoid scalding yourself or pouring water wrongly from a pot with this practical silicone slip-on pour spout.

12. Quirky Citrus Spritzer

Now you can turn your fresh citruses into sprays with these handy stems. Get your item here.

13. Pluck Egg Separator

Separate yolk from egg white with this cool extractor. Stop struggling to separate egg yolk and use this.

14. Cast Iron Bacon Press

We all know bacon starts sizzling in the frying pan and using this bacon press oil won’t spread around.

15. Devil Oven Puller

Hihi! It’s killing me because all of these gadgets are very funny and this one is nevertheless. Should I mention that it’s very handy, too? It will definitely help you not to burn your hands. Purchase one of this, here.

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