Top 10 Breathtaking Castles In Scotland You Should Visit At Least Once

Castles in Scotland are imposing and very beautiful by shape and nevertheless, they are story tellers. You can enjoy the images of knights in their shining armor who fought for their country with blind respectable devotion. Scotland’s castles were built for defense and they have lake or ocean view, creating a dream place.

Dunnottar Castle

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Dunnottar Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, located on a cliff on the north coast. Nowadays, what once was an imposing fortress, remained there only ruins, but you can feel its rich history. Once you arrive there, suddenly you’ll go back in the 15th century.
Tip for the lazy ones: you have many stairs to climb, so it’s your decision if you want to go there. Trust me, every step is worth it.

Culzean Castle

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Culzean Castle is considered one of the most important attractions in Scotland. Initially, the castle belonged to the Kennedy clan, who were descendants of Robert the Bruce, but what you see today as Culzean Castle is a building that was built in the late 18th century. After the Second World War, the top floor has been decorated in the honor of General Dwight Eisenhower. These rooms are now part of a hotel. Here you have the chance to see furniture from the eighteenth century, but also one of the largest collections of swords and guns in the world. Afterwards, we recommend a quiet and relaxing walk in the park surrounding the castle.

Duart Castle

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Duart Castle, located on the Mull Island, was designed as a defense fortress against enemy armies, and this is proved by the fact that the wall was build first. The whole castle got onto a Scottish guy hands after he received it as a dowry of his wife, in the mid 14th century. Then, for several centuries, the castle was left in ruins, then for 400 years used to be the home of Maclean clan. Tourists can currently see a great castle, because the Clan Maclean restored it and cared for it very well, especially the last two decades. You can walk around, while admiring the strategic position of the castle.

Urquhart Castle

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Formerly, Urquhart Castle was considered one of the largest castles in Scotland, but now the building is not as grand as it was once. However, it is worth coming here, because you will have the opportunity to step into history and see how the Scots defended by enemy armies. You will also get a breathtaking view of Loch Ness, one of the largest and most impressive lakes in Scotland. Last invaders came here was in 1692 and used for the last time the castle as a military base. The castle fame attracts tourists here every year, all being impressed by medieval artifacts.

Balmoral Castle

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Balmoral Castle was built to serve King Robert II as a hunting residence for hunting in the 14th century. Then, different noble personalities passed through here, most taking its toll on the adjacent buildings to the castle. Currently, the building is considered representative for the Baroque architectural style. We mention the fact that the castle is used today by the royal family as a holiday residence. There are some rooms that are open to tourists who come to visit.

Inveraray Castle

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Inveraray Castle is located on the west coast of Scotland and should be included in the “must see” list. For several centuries, it was the residence of Duke Argyll. To build the castle it took 43 years of uninterrupted work but, unfortunately, in 1877 a fire burned up most of the building. Nowadays, you’ll find out the Campbell Clan story in the castle’s rooms. As tourist attraction you have large and beautiful gardens where you can walk, but also an impressive weapon collection which usually impresses the kids. The best time for visiting this castle is in April and October. A bonus is the tea room, where you can taste this delicious drink.

Stirling Castle

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Stirling Castle is considered to be the art center in Scotland, specific to the 16th century, but is also famous because here is where many royal personalities have lived. Stirling Castle is huge, offering tourists the opportunity to see how royal families once lived. Among the things you shouldn’t miss here is included the palace chapel where was crowned Queen Mary of Scots in 1534. Famous poet, Robert Burns wrote here much of his famous poems.

Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle is the best example when it comes to Scottish architecture, about military techniques and the army importance in Scottish life. Located on a dormant volcano, the castle is very special. On a clear day, you can see great distances around. Originally, the castle was built to intimidate the enemy armies, especially because here was once a military base.

Glamis Castle

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Glamis Castle is closely linked to royal life in Scotland since the period when Queen Elizabeth II grew up here, just like her mother. Then, here was born Princess Margaret. This touristic attraction is sought of literature lovers, especially this was the movie set for MacBeth by Shakespeare. Another important aspect is that long time ago, Malcolm King was murdered there. Nowadays, Glamis is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, with its cheerful parks, inviting all tourists for a walk.
We recommend you to try and enjoy a guided tour through some of the rooms that are open to tourists.

Eilean Donan Castle

Image Credits: En.wikipedia

Eilean Donan is a castle that was built in an area which, until the late sixth century, wasn’t inhabited. The first fortified castle was built here after 700 years. Unfortunately, a part of Eilean Donan Castle was destroyed around 1719, then, for several hundred years the building was left in ruins. Today, the castle is fully restored, and to go ashore, you have to cross a bridge. Located in Highlands, Eilean Donan is considered to be one of the most romantic castles in Scotland. This is the reason why movies like “Highlander” and “The world is not enough” had their set here.

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