20 Quick And Healthy Lunch Recipes

Tired of spending money on ordered food and getting fat, not to mention the unhealthy food I’ve been eating and all the times I’ve suffered from stomach disorders. That’s why I decided to cook my own meals using natural products as the result to be healthy. So, I sneak-peeked over internet and made a selection of the most quick and healthy lunch recipes suitable for me.
To encourage healthy eating, I decided to share some recipes with you, too workaholic friends.

1. Green Club Sandwich

It takes only 10 minutes to prepare this sandwich, and it’s filled with healthy ingredients, perfect to give you enough energy for the rest of the day. Recipe here.

2. Steak, Roasted Pepper & Pearl Barley Salad


Prepare this delicious salad in the evening, before going to bed. It doesn’t take very much time to prepare it, but you have to eat your breakfast in the morning, so save some time with that. Given its ingredients , this is a healthy and quick to prepare salad. Recipe here.

3. Mr. Stripey Tomato, Arugula, and Pancetta Sandwiches


Uh, la, la! This sandwich look delicious and I bet it tastes exactly the same. Tomorrow, i know wha tI’ll serve for lunch at work. Recipe here.

4. Curried Chicken Salad with Apples and Raisins


Hmm, it’s not because I’m hungry but I think I’ll try this salad this evening. And it’s written everywhere that raisins are the best bandage for your stomach. Recipe here.

5. Cucumber-Lox Toast


Another healthy day will pas with this easy to prepare sandwich. Pack some health and energy for lunch today. Recipe here.

6. Ratatouille Omelette


How does 20 minutes sound to prepare this delicious omelette? I, personally, want to send best regards to Annabel Karmel, who “invented” this recipe.

7. Mushroom And Bean Salad


Easy peasy I could say for this amazing salad. Your colleagues will envy you, daily. Or will steal your lunch. 🙂 Recipe here.

8. Baked Spiced Chicken With Pomegranate


This recipe is great as dinner, too. You can surprise your family with a quick dinner and save some food for your lunch. Health comes first, right? Recipe here.

9. Scrambled Egg And Tomato Salsa Wrap


15 minutes for this health bomb. Wake up early and you’ll have plenty of time for breakfast and lunch, too. But, who will live longer and smile better. Yeah, you…and me! Recipe here.

10. Barley and Beef Soup


This soup is will definitely be tasty and healthy, but you’ll need time to prepare it. So, in the evening prepare a healthy dinner for your folks and put aside for your lunch box, the next day. Microwave at work and here you go! Bon appetit!

11. Hydrating Salad


Beside this salad is healthy, it will help you lose weight. Of course, if the rest of your meals are balanced, too. Great to balance your metabolism. Recipe here.

12. Paleo “Pasta”


I already prepared this recipe, and trust me, carrots never tasted so good. Go ahead and bring health in your life. Try this recipe.

13. Avocado Chicken Salad


Number 13 is my lucky number and it seem that is also my healthy number. Another day, another healthy recipe.

14. A Must-Try Sweet Potato Crust Pizza


Trust the title, and try this delicious pizza. Who knew that pizza could be healthy and tasty. Pizza recipe here.

15. Best Vegan Sandwich


If you’re a vegan, you can try this sandwich. Even if all that you eat is healthy, this is one of the best vegan sandwiches I’ve ate. See here.

16. Fatoush


Israeli cuisine in your lunch box. Share some food with your colleagues and I bet you’re going to be appreciated for your chef qualities. Recipe here.

17. Curried-Shrimp Skewers with Rice Salad


Some shrimps for lunch? Why not? Healthy and easy to prepare and sometimes you want to eat that “something” you don’t know. Perfect choice.

18. Turkey Sandwich


And I had to mention about the traditional turkey sandwich. You can prepare this healthy lunch even for your kids. It’s dangerous tasty and will fill you with energy the rest of the day. Sandwich here.

19. California Melt


Only 17 minutes for an exquisite lunch. And it’s made with some of my favorite ingredients: mushrooms and avocado. Tasty!

20. Tuna Fish Pea Salad


As I said…fill with energy the entire day because you are what you eat. And this salad has a bunch of healthy ingredients to stay focused all day. Enjoy your meal!

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