8 Easy And Quick Tricks To Rid Your House Of Bad Smells

If you want to know how to get rid of odors in the house and always to be pleasantly surprised when you enter your home, these easy and quick tips will help you.

1. Identify the source of odor in the house

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The refrigerator, the pet, the laundry or mold – all these may change the smell of your home. In vain you use scented candles or room fresheners. They just hide the odor for the moment but they don’t solve the problem.

Learn how to clean the cat’s litter box, clean the refrigerator, frequently wash your dirty laundry and clean the carpets too. Make sure you do not have dirty socks under the bed. Wash the garbage bin once a week.

Thus, your home will smell nice and clean.

2. Homemade natural freshener to get rid of the unpleasant smell of food.

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If you’re not a fan of air fresheners because of the price or because you’re afraid of the toxic substances they contain, make a homemade freshener. This freshener is effective especially after you cook something that smells bad.

You need a cinnamon stick, 1 vanilla or rum extract, a package of vanilla sugar, orange peel and a few slices of lemon. Put a pot of water on the fire and add all the above ingredients. Let the pot on fire until the water starts to boil, then let it simmer, and the smell will spread throughout the house.

This room freshener is ideal for the holiday season, and your home will smell like a fairy tale.

3. Eliminate the odor from the washing machine.

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Yes, it helps you wash all the dirty laundry. But have you ever thought that your washing machine may be associated with the unpleasant smell in the house? Put a little bleach and start a wash cycle with warm or hot water (without clothes). Between washes, leave the door open to allow ventilation.

4. Keep the refrigerator clean.

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Make sure you clean it frequently, always check the status of fruit and vegetables from the refrigerator bins. You can buy special products or you can make your own solution to remove odors from the refrigerator.

Put a piece of gauze inside a cap and sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few drops of lemon oil. Place the cap inside the fridge. From time to time be sure to change the gauze and add other drops of essential oil.

5. How to keep your trash bin clean.

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Every time you throw the trash make sure the bin is clean. When washing the bin, wait until it dries and then add a new bag.

6. How to remove the unpleasant smell from the toilet.

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Constantly clean the toilet, the laundry from the basket should be washed regularly, the door of the washing machine should remain open between washes.
Also, put a large piece of gauze in a small jar and place it in the bathroom. Sprinkle lavender, pine or ylang – ylang essential oil over the gauze. Your bathroom will have a pleasant smell.

If you don’t have essential oil, before you leave the house in the morning pour 2 tbls of fabric softener in the toilet lid and flush. When you’ll return home you’ll fill the fresh fragrance in the entire bathroom.

7. How the eliminate odor from the bedroom.

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Put some water in a spray bottle and add drops of peppermint, orange, cedar, and sandalwood oil. Spray this solution several times a week in your bedroom. The trick is ideal to remove the cigarette smell.

From time to time, light a scented candle or sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on a piece of gauze and put it on the radiator.

8. How to eliminate odors from carpets.

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If you have pets, this trick will be of great help. You just need a little vinegar (which neutralizes the unpleasant smell of urine) and a little water. Sprinkle this concoction on the carpet and rub it using a brush. Then, vacuum the area and let it dry with the window wide open.

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