30 True Facts About Cancer Personality

They get very irritated if someone says something about their family.

They are generous, but do not push your luck.

They avoid involvement in solving problems if they do not have a good solution.

Cancer natives are introverted and shy, but they always find resources to socialize.

They understand and know very well the mysteries of love.

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They like to get attention and they always manage to keep you connected in a discussion.

They want to know what means “everything” to someone.

If you do something wrong, probably they will forgive you … someday.

They are always on watch because of the fear of being hurt.

They don’t know how to refuse and this gives them headaches.

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Cancer natives quickly pass from one state of mind to another.

They don’t like to spend time alone, especially when they go somewhere.

The radical change when angry. You no longer recognize them.

They love passionately, like no other sign does.

They hardly forget the past.

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Cancer natives have good intuition.

They help everyone, but when they need help everybody forgets them.

When you’re arguing with them, they will reproach all the mistakes you made in the past.

They say what they have to say, but they make decisions with their heart.

A wounded in love Cancer native will just simply disappear and you’ll no longer hear of him/her.

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They help and they deeply engage in solving your problems.

There are so sensitive and this is a big disadvantage.

They are found of music and sometimes try to send messages through the songs they listen to.

They are good with people and they can read your true intentions quickly.

There are not perceived for their true value.

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They gather a lot of negative energy because they can’t remain indifferent.

Cancer natives hide their true feelings.

They enjoy any little thing like a child.

They will jump to support you in any matter without second thoughts at all.

They can’t bear knowing that their loved one is upset because of their fault and will do anything to reconcile.

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