6 Fashion Tricks That Will Help You Look Younger

Add to your outfit interesting prints, bright colors and modern accessories and you’ll look at least 5 years younger. Trust me, I convinced my mother to do this, and she looks like she’s in her mid 30’s, and I’m not telling the truth. So, pretty ladies out there, of course, it doesn’t matter the way you look like, or how old you are, the most important thing it’s to be yourself and do good deeds. But let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes we want to hide those extra years.

Be bold

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With the age, most women choose to wear clothing items and accessories in faded and dull colors, thinking they’ll adopt a serious and presentable look. But regardless the age, a little courage should be seen on your outfit. Only one interesting element added to your outfit can make you look a few years younger. For example, you can try a printed colorful scarf, or an interesting necklace or a blouse with a particular model and your outfit will be completely wow!

Use prints

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Youthful prints, as stripes or dots, will help look a few years younger if you include them in your outfits.
For example, a striped top will give your outfit a special charm. In this case, choose thin horizontal stripes and avoid wide ones, because you’ll look bigger than you are. Polka dots clothes will have a positive effect on you.

Don’t avoid accessories

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Through accessories you’ll give your outfits a touch of style but also a way to express your personality. For example, a massive necklace will be able to attract admiring glances and turn your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, which will help you look younger. In this case, only one massive accessory massive is enough. If you choose small jewelry or accessories, then you can use more.

Lighten up your face

If your skin looks brighter then you definitely look a few years younger. A new way to illuminate your face is to use a dress or a blouse with a white collar. Light will reflect off the white collar on your face.

Choose the right colors

Colors like lemon yellow, mint green or coral can do wonders, wiping away a few years. Whether you choose a dress, a shirt or a sweater, don’t avoid these colors. You have to choose simple cut clothes, because these are quite strong shades.

Wear jeans

Jeans are the perfect option to highlight your body. They give you a youthful and modern look, making it easy to match. It’s very important to have at least a pair of jeans in your wardrobe.

Here are some other tips that might be useful for you:
Choose clothing items from natural materials with a smooth surface. Particularly, tops from corrugated fabrics, but also tight ones, highlight wrinkles, so avoid them. He same thing is available for scarves, jackets and other clothing items from the upper body.

Avoid identical assorted pieces, such as a blouse in exact same style and color as the skirt or pants. Choose similar clothes similar but not identical in color or material.
Black, navy blue and beige shouldn’t rule your outfits. One of these colors is enough for your outfit.

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