30 True Facts About The Taurus Personality

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1 They like offering little gifts to those they love.

2 They are the most stubborn in the entire zodiac.

3 They are the marriage-type.

4 They have an excellent memory and they don’t forget anything.

5 A nervous Taurus can be calmed easily if he/she starts listening to music.

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6 Their opinions are unwavering – they are always right.

7 When they are in love, they do it for real and they never lie when they admit it.

8 A Taurus will remain loyal to you, for better or for worse, no matter how much you hurt him/her.

9 They will never drop down upon you.

10 They sometimes prefer to isolate from people.

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11 They are hardworking, but sometimes they need to lounge.

12 They need you to believe in them especially when they lack confidence.

13 We don’t think you want to see an angry Taurus.

14 He knows he will manage even if he’s/she’s hitting rock bottom.

15 They don’t have too many friends.

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16 Intelligence and beauty characterize them.

17 If they have to choose between sleeping and doing daily chores, they certainly will choose sleeping.

18 They do not have to tell when they don’t like something – you can easily see it on their face.

19 If you’ll give jealousy reasons to a Taurus, he/she will slowly estrange from you.

20 They hardly irritate, but they calm down even harder.

Image Credits: Vemale Zodiak

21 Taurus natives can create their own world that you will never be capable to understand.

22 Do not even have the audacity to awaken a Taurus from sleeping.

23 No one, ever, will know the deep thoughts of a Taurus.

24 They prefer peace, but they love listening to music.

25 Taurus natives know how to listen but it’s almost impossible to agree with you.

Image Credits: Bobs-Spaces

26 Others may consider them a bit odd but they do not care.

27 They tell you straight what they have to say because they don’t like gossip.

28 They do not like being told what to do, but if you will, they’ll do the opposite just to annoy you.

29 They like to make others laugh.

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