10 Wine Bottles Decoration Ideas For Christmas

What can I say…the most wonderful time of the year is near! We all are waiting for Santa or thinking about New Year’s Eve wishes and Christmas presents. So, after searching over the internet, I thought to make this year’s Christmas presents. A preset to remember me, of course and to be useful at the same time. And I choose to decorate wine bottles and offer them as a gift this year, and I’ll make a few more to decorate my house. I hardly wait to start this project and, maybe, you’re curious, too and I’ll share some of the things I found with you nice people. Because Christmas is about giving and being kind. Enjoy!

Snowy Decorations

How beautiful they are to sit them under the Christmas tree or on the coffee table in the living room. I’ll create this for my living room. Get tutorial here.

Holiday Decor


Bring joy to your place or put a smile on someone’s face with this cute decoration. See how it’s made here.

Silver Shine


Well, it’s not about only wine, it can be whisky and brandy, too. But who cares when you these beautiful decorations in the end?

Ho Ho Ho Like Glitter


These ones are pretty nice and will look great near other original decorations. You can place these shiny bottles on the fireplace, near Santa’s socks. 🙂

Frozen Bottles


Image Credits: Pinterest

These are the prefect gift to decorate the porch or the alley. They fit great indoor as well and are so easy to create. 🙂

Jingle All The Way


I hardly wait to do this project, not to mention that I hardly wait for Christmas. Listening to Christmas carols and decorate my house with all these amazing decorations.

Santa Everywhere


Image Credits: Pinterest

Paint Santa’s outfit over some bottles and give them as a present for your beloved ones. Definitely they’ll be happy when they’ll see this present.

Reindeer, Santa and Frosty


Image Credits: Pinterest

All in one…gift. Create all Christmas characters and place them on the staircase, and make some more and pack some Christmas presents.

Light up The Snowman


Image Credits: Pinterest

If you have some painting skills, I encourage you to use them wisely. Paint some bottles with Frosty or other Christmas fellows and insert Christmas lights in them. Do some magic!

Santa’s Back!


Image Credits: Pinterest

Oh, and these ones are really beautiful and you should do it, too. Painting them this year and using them as Christmas decor then you can use these amazing crafts the next year, too.

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