Top 20 Best DIY Home Decorating Projects

I’m sure you’ve thought at least once to create your own piece of art and to place it somewhere in your house. Well, I’ve made a top of the best DIY project tutorials and I’m thrilled to share this with you – maybe one of these projects will steal your heart too. So, check this top out and pick your favorite DIY projects.

Privacy Window Film

Well, what do you say about that? Watch the whole tutorial and see what a clever idea it is.

DIY Floating Shelf


Clever idea to put plants on this shelf or other decorating objects. Try doing your own floating shelf to change the place just a little bit.

Coral Pressed Back Chair


For a quite backyard session, you need back chair to relax. They are very useful and coral it’s such a pleasant color. Se whole tutorial here.

Window Flower Box


So what! i know Christmas is near, but you still can do this awesome flower box. Rub your hand and get to work.

Rustic Window Valance


Because rustic is the new trend…what do you say about this valance? I simply adore it! I’m going to change something around my home!

Playhouse Project


After looking over the whole tutorial, I can say this mother and daughter business. So, “Gilmore girls” out there, start working.

DIY Utensil Holders


Holidays are coming and this tutorial is very useful to dress-up your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Hmm, your guest will be delighted to see this unique utensil holders.

Build A Porch Swing


Dreaming to a porch swing? Well start creating your cozy place and build your own swing. See whole tutorial.

Build A Vertical Planter

Just think about how this vertical planters would look in your backyard? You don’t have a backyard? So what…they would look amazing even in your balcony. Check it out!

Build Bluebird Bird Houses


Everyone should have a home! Especially bluebirds, the most valid example of happiness and joy, and I’m telling you, everyone should have at least one bluebird bird house. Get tutorial here.

DIY Side Table


I want rustic elements around my house and the next project after the valance, would be this side table. What do you say?

Fur Stool


It’s so easy to create this stool, and it’s perfect to use it for your makeup corner. Get tutorial here.

Build A Bed


This is a challenge! To build a bed isn’t very simple, but you get at the end, I’m sure you’ll say it was a piece of cake. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll have after that. Step-by-step tutorial here.

DIY Pallet Furniture


Do your own outdoor furniture. Let it be your patio masterpiece. Get your inspiration from placeofmytaste.

Cupboard Door Serving Tray


Surprise your wife/husband by serving breakfast in bed on this piece of art! It’s worth trying!

Cottage-Style Coffee Table Transformation


Reuse your old furniture and create cool stuff out of them. Why spending money when you can spend time…quality time. Get tutorial.

DIY Mirror Frame


Beside it’s simple to do this frame, it takes a few minutes. Surprise your girlfriend or wife with this handmade mirror. See the whole tutorial here.

DIY Planked Coffee Table


Tired of your old coffee table? Well, start redecorating it by turning it into a farm style coffee table. Get tutorial here.

Rustic Rope And Wood Swing


Your kids will enjoy this rope swing. When I was a little kid my grandfather made one of this for me and my brother. I remember being very funny, that’s why he made another one, not to get in fight. You should try too.

Window Treatment

I want to congratulate the one who came out with this idea. Nice one and it fits perfectly with that rustic valance. I will try it!

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