5 Makeup Tricks To Look Young And Beautiful

Did you know that foundation with a yellow tint has the ability to wipe a few years off your face? Well, now you know but take a look over some other makeup tricks to look younger.
Did you know that your daily makeup ritual may add a few years on your face? Without realizing, you may look older but discover how to avoid this and how to use this makeup tricks to look younger.

Flawless skin

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Nothing makes you older more than dry skin and gathered foundation in every fine wrinkle on your skin. As we age, the skin tends to become drier, which makes the foundation to gather in wrinkles, and to prevent this effect, begin your makeup ritual with a moisturizer and primer. Foundation should be close to the natural skin color, and if you choose one with a warm and yellowish tint will make you look younger. Very importantly: do not use powder!

Blush your cheeks

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Blush cheeks are the secret to a fresh look that will wipe several years of your face. But it’s not advisable to use a powder blush. Opt for a creamy one, easy to apply for a natural look. Warm shades, with pink tint are the best, suited for any skin type. Apply on your cheekbones apply a small amount and spread it with your fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Younger eyes

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With age, dark circles around the eyes may widen and you’ll be tempted to use a bigger amount of concealer to cover them.
But it’s advisable to choose a concealer with a creamy texture, not too dry. Also makeup can gather around the eyelid folds throughout the day, which will make you look older. Use a primer before applying makeup. The most suitable shades are the neutral ones to rejuvenate your eyes. Don’t forget to curve your lashes because your eyes will look bigger and fresher.

Groomed eyebrows

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In time, your eyebrows get thinner, especially in the outer corners. Therefore, if you use makeup to reconstruct them, you’ll have an instant fresh and youthful look. To shape your brows, use a special eyebrow pen with a lighter shade than your hair color. Fill your empty spaces with light line touches then groom them with an eyebrow brush.

Fuller lips

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Another aging effect is thinning lips. Lips lose their volume, but makeup can correct this problem. The first step is to outline the lips with a pencil in a neutral or pink tint to redefine their shape. Blend them well, like the pencil line not to be visible then apply lipstick. Avoid dark-colored lipsticks because it emphasizes the effect of the thinned lips. Choose lighter shades, such as pink. A little lip gloss applied in each center will provide a glow leaving the impression of a rejuvenated look.

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