10 Hot Dog Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

If you’re searching for the best hod dog recipes on Pinterest, just stop here! Zoomzee did the job for you. Hot Dogs just got a whole lot better with these 10 amazing recipes.

Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs

Brilliant idea. I love hot dogs and cheese together but never thought of making a grilled cheese and hot dog combination.

I can’t wait to try and may even add some chili to this! See the recipe here

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

This is really exciting! I love these bacon wrapped broiled hot dogs. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe. Full article here


Oh me! I cannot wait to try these hot dogs! Thanks for sharing! I can’t remember how I found this site, but I love it.
I love a good grilled hot dog, covered in delicious cole slaw, onion and chili with a little mustard. These look so good I could eat the computer screen! Full recipe here

Tortilla Hot Dog Wraps

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I love the new usage for tortillas. A simple, fun way to get out of your boring old hot dog rut! Here is full tutorial.

Taco Chili Dogs

This is a super quick chili. You can make the taco chili ahead of time and reheat it in the microwave when you are ready to assemble the Taco Chili Dogs. Here is full recipe.

French Onion Hot Dogs

These look terribly addicting! Sprinkle on some fresh thyme and enjoy! Here is the delicious recipe.

BBQ Bacon & Crispy Onion Hot Dogs

Can’t wait to try some new hot dogs! These look terrific. My favorite two parts about these hot dogs are bacon and crispy onions. You can never go wrong with bacon wrapped and topped with crispy onion straws! Here is the delicious recipe


Can’t wait to make these for my friends next weekend!! Find all details and the delicious recipe here.

Chili cheese dog bake

Delicious looking comfort food! Here is the complete tutorial.

Mexican Hot Dogs

These are so fun!! I love hot dogs all summer, and these just made them so much better!
I love the kick of heat from the jalapeños and the cool creaminess from the avocado and fresh flavor from the cilantro! Great ideas! Find the tasty recipe here.

Image Credits: Recipetineats

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