15 Most Delicious Chicken Nuggets Recipes You’ll Find On The Internet

These chicken nuggets recipes that Zoomzee collected for your are simply out of this world. Seriously. These recipes are truly EPIC! All the 15 recipes looks damm delicious and they taste accordingly.

Just take a look and find the perfect one according to your taste, because we think all of them are perfect!


This looks delicious and will definitely be on the menu at my house this week. I love that you can have 10 nuggets for about 200 calories! I love spicy food… perfect game day snack! Recipe here.

Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Just made them and they are awesome. I did not have all the ingredients so replaced the cornflakes with the regular breadcrumbs, potato flakes with potato flour and added one egg in place of water.

They came out wonderfully. I also put a tiny piece of butter on the top of each of the nuggets before baking. They were really moist. I ate them with marinara sauce – awesome! Here is the delicious recipe.


These look delicious! I love the flavors in here and the photos are great too. I was amazed at how the simple flavors just came together. Recipe here


These look scrumptious and would no doubt be a hit with kids.

I’ll give them a try as per the recipe, but also try them baked to see if they come out the same. Full recipe here.

Baked Honey BBQ Popcorn Chicken

Never thought to use corn flakes on popcorn chicken! Cannot wait to try these! I’ll be adding them to my game day menu. Full recipe here.

Skinny Chicken Nuggets

I made it. It’s a great recipe. Just pay attention to the cooking time: My nuggets were fully cooked and ready in just 17 minutes. Delicious recipe here.

Grain Free Chicken Nuggets

I’ve been looking for a crispy, oven baked nugget recipe! This is amazing! I will definitely give these a try. I’m newly gluten free and am totally desperate for awesome recipes! Full article here.


This is basically heaven in a meal. I can only imagine how good these would have tasted – love the honey mustard sauce too. I am so hungry for chicken nuggets right now! Delicious recipe here.

Seasoned Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe

These would be so much better if marinated in seasoned yoghurt first, then simply rolled in Pankolo with grated parmesan or romano. The chicken is really tender and the cheese and panko eliminates the need for addition salt. Full article here.

Tortilla Chip-crusted Chicken Bites

Very good marinate chicken in chili sauce for a bit of spice. Love these recipe!! Thanks the author for sharing it with us! Full recipe here.


These look so good! I love that you coated them in quinoa, it’s such a delicious and healthy twist.

Also a great way to get even more protein. I absolutely love quinoa and using it as a coating would be delicious. Full recipe here.

Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

I’ve had this saved on Pinterest for a while but just got around to making it. I didn’t change a thing, it’s absolutely wonderful! Delicious recipe here.


Seriously some of the best tasting chicken I have ever had. I brined the chicken first and it came out so tender using your directions. Delish! Recipe here.


These make me in the mood of this nuggets now. This good dish looks so delicious and not too oily as seen in the photos. Fish meat is my fav too and I can make this as side dish for dinner tonight. Recipe here.


I made this today for dinner, and it was delicious! I added some of the same ingredients for the marinade to the lemon glaze and served with rice. I will definitely make again. Full recipe here.

Image Credits: Domestic Bliss Squared

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