Top 10 Super Cool DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

Your house has a boring tint and you don’t know what to do to throw some personality on it? Well, you may start by doing your own furniture items, and mirrors may be the starting project. So, here are a few creative ideas to do your own mirror frames and leave your print around your home. See which one of these mirror frames fits best with your personality and start creating your own piece of art. Because each and every woman needs a mirror on the wall.

Penny Tiled Mirror

The mirror is beautiful. I really like the mosaic quality of it and the different shades of copper – one of my favorite metals. Great idea to hang on the wall.

DIY Sunburst Mirror


Cool mirror frame and you don’t need so much time to create it. Bring Egypt in your house. Great tutorial.

Wine Barrel Mirror


How cool, I love it!! And you are so creative to use a whiskey barrel from the gardening section! It came out great. Grace, we love you for this!

Chrysanthemum Mirror Made With Plastic Spoons


LOVE the idea! Will definitely try it one of these days. You can try it also, here.

Squash Racquet Mirrors


Don’t toss out your broken tennis racquets and be creative. Decorate your kids room with these ones. Tutorial here.

Full Length Floor Mirror


I am planning to tackle this project this weekend! I’m very excited! Thank you for sharing this with us Deonna.

Wood Slice Mirror


Rustic place, rustic mirror. I’m going at the country side this weekend and I’ll pick some wood slice and get to work. I’m offering this one to my aunt. See full tutorial here.

Unique Round Mirror Design Ideas


Your kids have grown and still have their toys. Great! Then collect all their cars and spray them with this metallic color spray, glue them and you’ll get the coolest mirror frame ever! Thank you goodsomedesign.

Magazine Mirror


Great piece of art work, and the brainiacs who thought in doing this deserve a big hug and congratulations.

A Stardust Mirror For The Dinning Room


OMG, this is awesome! I absolutely am loving this. What a great gift for a new home owner or a newlywed couple. I am adding this to the “To Do” list for sure.

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