Top 15 DIY Mason Jar Ideas And Tutorials For Christmas

HoHoHo everyone! Christmas is knocking at our doors, so we have to get ready…at least with some ornaments in case the City Hall organizes a contest. But, until then, let’s create indoor Christmas decorations to dress up our home with holiday clothing! And the most beautiful decorations are the ones you’ve made with your own hands. The same thing is available for Christmas presents as well. Mason jars are very cheap and very handy to create everything out of them, so take a look over this article and pick your favorite Christmas decorations.

1. Christmas Table Decorations

So pretty! I love the cranberries in the mason jars. I need to pull all of my decorations out this week and get to work. Thank you Kristin for the Christmas Tour!

2. Snow Globes


That is awesome! What a great gift idea for my grandmother’s and god children! Thanks for the quick and easy tutorial!

3. White Christmas Mason jar Luminaries


Love how these turned out! I love anything Christmasey and snowy! It’s great because you can use them all winter, not just for Christmas! Full tutorial.

4. DIY Mason Jar Light


I absolutely love this! Seems very easy to create but makes such an impact! I love the light that twinkle lights give off! Great job allthingsheartandhome.

5. Illuminated Snow Scene in a Jar


I love this illuminated scene in a jar, I’m definitely going to be making some this coming Christmas, thanks for the idea bitzngiggles.

6. DIY Snowman Mason Jar Craft For Kids


I’m going to try this with my kids because this way we’ll interact, and we’ll have cute light during Christmas dinner. Get tutorial here.

7. Stenciled jars using Hazel and Ruby Stencil Masks


Very original and creative idea. Something new for Christmas and you may use it all winter season. Pretty cool for a white Christmas. Whole tutorial.

8. Homemade Winter Candle


Love these ideas! Great, simple and best of all inexpensive! I think I can also do this trick to my aromatherapy candles I have. Great aroma. Great candle jar. I hardly wait to do this center piece.

9. Snowman A Glo


How cute is this one? a lightning bulb with a funny snowman face. Great decoration!

10. Magical Christmas Lanterns


Wow, this is a cool project! I’m going to make a mini-sized version for my younger sister tomorrow. It’s going to be her Christmas gift this year. Gorgeous tutorial!

11. Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament and DecoArt Giveaway


What a cute idea, I love how this turned out. Might have to try this. I have to thank Melinda for this tutorial.

12. How To Make A Snow Globe


Olaf, this year you’ll be “imprisoned” in this cute snowing globe because i’m so going to do this tutorial.

13. Car In Jar Snow Globe


My most favorite Mason jar project ever in the history of Mason jar projects! What can I say…I love it! And my husband too when he’ll see what a surprise I got for him!

14. Sparkle In A jar


Painting inside a Mason jar turns it into a piece of art! They will look great even after Christmas! I’m going to try it for sure!

15. Snowman Mason Jar Vase


Yes, it’s hand-painting but it can be so difficult, right? I’m going to be Picasso this weekend! Wish me luck to finish this cute snowman! 🙂

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