4 Elegant Bun Hairstyle Tutorials Ready In Minutes

Well, in just a few minutes you can make absolutely sensational hairstyles, similar with those made by professional hairstylists. So, learn how to make the perfect bun, step by step, without spending money in beauty salons. You need some elastic to fix your hair, bobby pins and a sponge bun.

Nautilus Bun

This is a hairstyle great for long hair. All that you have to do is to catch your hair in a ponytail then twist. Here is a step by step tutorial:

Just A Bun

For this simple and elegant bun you need a special bun sponge. You can buy it from beauty stores or cosmetic salons. Fix your hair in a ponytail, put your hair through the sponge and twist it then catch it with bobby pins to last the entire day.

Loose Bun

If you want a simple hairdo to make it whenever you’re running out of time this bun is the perfect choice. So, grab some elastic and the job is done.

Ballerina Bun

The high bun, well fixed, called the ballerina bun is the hairstyle star this season. It’s one of the main choices of Hollywood stars, lately, both for red carpet and casual outfits. You’ll need just a sponge for buns.

Image Credits: Foxylocks

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