Top 60 Best Haircuts Perfect For Your Face Shape

You want to change your hairstyle but don’t know which one is best for you? Well, your face shape is the defining element in choosing the proper haircut. So, we made a selection of the best haircuts for your face shape to ease your job in finding the best hairstyle. First of all you have to know which is you face shape then choose one of the haircuts you like from that category:

Oval face shape

– face length is the same with the face width plus half. It’s also considered the ideal shape.

Image Credits: Enzabeautiful

See below gallery and pick the haircut you like for your oval face shape:

Round face

– the face shape has the length and width almost equal. The advantage of this shape is that you’ll always look younger than you really are.

Image Credits: Lexelblog

See bellow gallery and choose the haircut you like the most:

Elongated face

– looks like oval face, but the length is bigger than the width.

Image Credits: Beautyeditor

See bellow gallery and choose your favorite haircut:

Rectangular face shape

–the hair line has almost the same length as the jaw line. It’s considered a masculine shape.

Image Credits: Prevention

See bellow gallery and download your favorite imagine, show it to your hairdresser and change your look:

Triangular face

–the jaw line look is bigger than the forehead, this way your face will look like a reverse triangle. Probably you look younger than you are just like those with round face.

Image Credits: Pinterest

See bellow gallery and choose your favorite haircut:

Diamond face shape

-your forehead is noticeable wider than your jaw line.

Image Credits: Thehairstyler

See below gallery and choose the perfect haircut for you:

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