10 Brilliant Uses For Baby Powder You Should Try

It makes your eyelashes look long and thick, but you can use it to give your hair more volume. Discover the unique methods that can be used
You thought talcum powder is used only for baby care? This product is downright miraculous and can be used both in beauty rituals, cleaning and pet care. Here are some unique methods we want to share with you, to use talcum powder.

Volume for your eyelashes

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Talcum powder can be used for this unusual thing. After you’ve applied the first coat of mascara, apply some talcum powder on your eyelashes using a swab or a brush then apply a second coat of mascara. This trick will make your lashes longer and thicker.

Use it as dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo has become increasingly popular lately. Instead spending your money on dry shampoo use talcum powder because it has the same effect and it’s cheaper. Sprinkle some powder on your roots, massage the scalp then comb your hair until there aren’t any powder traces.
This way you won’t wash your hair too often because talcum powder will absorb sebum excess leaving your hair fresh and with more volume.

Removes oil stains from clothing

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Because it’s a good absorbent, talcum powder will help you get rid of grease stains on clothes. Sprinkle powder on both sides of the stained material, gently rub the stain then leave the powder for about to absorb oil. Wash your clothes like usual and leave it to dry in a shaded place.

Untangle easily your necklaces

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A trick that will help you deal more easily with tangled necklaces is to apply a little talcum powder on knots and rub them gently with your fingers. Knots will be removed quickly.

Removes sand from your feet

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A useful trick for beach holidays: apply talcum powder on your feet to get rid of stuck sand on your skin. This way you won’t have to worry that you’ll dirt your car or your room.

Freshen-up your sheets

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In the nights you want to sleep like a baby, sprinkle some talcum powder over your sheets. It will freshen up your sheets and its relaxing fragrance will help you sleep better.

Clean your leather clothes

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If you want like your leather clothes to look like new, apply some talcum powder on them then rub it with a soft microfiber cloth.

Beautifies pet’s fur

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Because it’s not recommended to wash your pet very often, use talcum powder to clean them and to freshen-up their fur.
Sprinkle talcum powder on your pet’s fur and rub gently, then brush it. Be careful not to apply near their eyes and nose.

Get rid of pain during waxing

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Sprinkle talcum powder over your skin before waxing and you’ll reduce pain this way. This way, wax will stick only on hair, without adhering it to skin very much, and so you’ll reduce the pain. Your skin won’t irritate after waxing if you apply talcum powder.

Neutralizes pets smell

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If your pet peed on the carpet, a simple method to get rid of the odor is to apply talcum powder over the area. Leave it to react for an hour then vacuum your carpet.

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