11 Healthy And Quick Breakfasts For Busy Mornings

Running late but you still have to eat and feed your family in the morning? It happens all the time at my home. But I still have to feed my children and husband and me, that’s why, on a Sunday afternoon I start searching all over internet for quick, easy and lastly, but most important, healthy. And guess what? My family loves it! And I wanted to share with you nice people this tasty and quick recipe, maybe there is another mother who walks in my shoes.

Savory Oatmeal and Soft-Cooked Egg

Very good recipe and it’s very quick and healthy too. My kids love it and the ingredients used will fill you up with energy. Recipe here!

Skinny Fried Egg and Avocado Toast


Simple, health and yummy! Sounds like the best breakfast ever! i haven’t tried this recipe but definitely I will. Recipe here!

Ratatouille and Baked Eggs


This recipe is made mostly of “leftovers” and is the healthiest breakfast. I’ve tried this one and I definitely recommend it! Yummy!

Zucchini Bread Oatmeal


This recipe sounds delicious! Oatmeal to a whole new level! This is quick and you can please every member of your family. Recipe here.

Low Carb Egg Breakfast Muffins


A great idea for an easy grab and go breakfast. Perfect for my son who is so fussy at breakfast time but loves eggs. Tomorrow morning I’ll make him a surprise. Recipe here.

Open-face Breakfast Sandwich


Oh, the egg yolk spreading in your plate. I love that and “my little pumpkins” love this too. You can bake the egg also. Recipe here.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Waffle Sandwich


This looks absolutely delicious! My daughter saw this picture and she was like…try it right now, mother not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Ok, dear! Ok! And I made the perfect…let’s say brunch :)). Recipe here!

Healthy Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Avocado Breakfast Burritos


They are perfect to eat in the morning and to take away for lunch! Not to mention that they are perfect to freeze and you can eat those the next morning. Nice burritos!

Scrambled Eggs and Cheese


What can be more simple than scrambled eggs, especially for those who don’t know how to cook an egg. Getting late, don’t skip breakfast just scramble some eggs, add some cheese and voila! Recipe here.

Cheesy Spinach Baked Eggs


I still have one more surprise :). But this recipe is about spinach, and if you haven’t tried to cook spinach, well it’s about time! It’s delicious and very healthy, especially with those proteins on top (I’m talking about eggs). Recipe here.

Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups


The last but not the least! These mini ham muffins recipe absolutely tasty. This is one quick and healthy recipe and I recommend it for sure.

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