The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

They say Hugs define a lot about the intensity of your relationship! It surely does, and the way you or your partner hugs tells a lot about your or their personality! What’s your style ?

1. The purest type

So this is for the ones who hug their partner with the tight grip. You get extremely puzzled of even wondering about them leaving you. That will be last thing you would want to witness. Hence you grip a bit tighter when you hug!

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2. One of a kind !

You know what you’ve got with them is out of the ordinary, and that you’re safeguarding them with all your heart. This says how protective you are towards the love of your life.

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3. Breaking the old-line.

The keep-your-hand-on-her-shoulder kind of hug!! You know at what level your love for each other has reached and thus without caring much about, putting down all the usual and orthodox ways, catching more eyes, you define your carefree nature with this kind of intense hug!

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4. Look into the eyes !

When you hug your better half looking deep into their eyes, you know how intense your love is which is clearly encased in their eyes and that you can never afford to lose them.

This one is surely the best kind of hug!

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5. How certain are you of your relation ?

If you usually hug your partner with your hand in his/her pocket, you are one of those freaks whose doubtfulness is more than the love! Yes, truly! Your hugging them this way indicates what it takes to believe them.

Image Credits: TheContentCave

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