13 Most Delicious Creamy Soups Ever

Creamy vegetable soups are a health bomb which can be served daily. So, add a pinch of health in your daily menu to improve your health and to live longer. Well, beside these soup nutrients you can enjoy the perfect taste of each vegetable delighting your taste buds. Another benefit of these soups is that it takes only a few minutes to prepare one of these delicious soups. So, I’ve made a top of my favorite creamy soups, and maybe, one of these hyperdelicious soups it’s also on your taste. So, let’s take a look over this culinary project!

1. Best Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

First of all this soup looks wonderful! I’ve never made a tomato soup with carrots before and I can’t wait to try. You can find here this amazing recipe.

2. Delicious Mushroom Soup


Looks delicious! Warm mushroom wild rice soup is one of my favorite comfort foods on a warm winter day! And winter is near, so I found my “I would eat something” for this winter. Recipe here.

3. Roasted Garlic And Asparagus Soup Recipe


This soup has me dreaming of summertime! But eating it on rainy autumn day, near the fireplace and the asparagus taste! Uhh, this definitely fits my taste! Click here to get recipe.

4. Cauliflower Cheddar Soup


Made this today and it is awesome. My husband likes most vegetables but not cauliflower- he liked it too. Definitely a keeper. See if you can trick your husband too with this recipe.

5. Broccoli Cheese Soup


This is one of my favorite soups. I made it for the first time recently and the cheese flavor was not nearly as strong as I would have liked. I will try this out soon! Thank you diethood.com.

6. Slow Cooker Potato Soup


I’m going to cook this amazing soup for my husband, when he’ll come back from work today to eat something creamy and special.

7. Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup


Thank you Amy for this great recipe! The taste of ginger with carrots it’s absolutely amazing. If you are dieting, you can add this soup in your daily diet.

8. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup


OMG this looks absolutely incredible, so thick and creamy! Especially with all that cheese. And the fact that it’s made in a slow cooker is a major bonus! I hardly wait to try this recipe.

9. Creamy Crab and Wild Rice Soup


This sounds just out of this world! Have the ingredients on my list and can’t wait to try. My husband said
“This sounds like a Keeper!!!!” Thanks again diethood.com.

10. Piquillo Peppers Tomato Soup Recipe


I love tomato soups, generally, but with a pinch of peppery taste I bet it’s perfect. Another awesome recipe on my list.

11. Easy Corn Soup With Bacon, Tomato And Avocado


To be honest with you, I never heard of corn soup before seeing this recipe. Having a strange curiosity, I’m definitely going to try this one. It looks great and I hope I’ll love the taste, too.

12. Creamy Beer Cheese Gnocchi Soup


You know, you really can’t go wrong with beer, cheese and gnocchi! This is fabulous! And I’m sure it tastes the same. Worth trying!

13. Meatball Sub Soup


This is kind of new for me too, but I’m going to surprise my husband again. And I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise, because he’s a fond of dainties. So, thank you delish.com for sharing this recipe with us.

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