18 Homemade Burger And Hotdog Buns For A Perfect Grilling Season

What’s a burger without a delicious bun? Zoomzee gathered 18 homemade recipes for the most appetizing burger and hotdog buns you’ll ever find on the Internet.
Take a tour and choose your favorite recipe!


Recipe here: Alexandra Cooks

Oh my goodness! Brioche buns for burgers are my absolute favorite, and I cannot wait to try this recipe.


Recipe here: Flour Arrangements

Oooo… Lovely buns! I’m a sucker for golden brown and shiny rolls. These look yummy!

Salted Honey Butter Cornbread Brioche Burger Buns

Recipe here: Half Baked Harvest

These look fantastic! Adding a cornbread twist is such a creative way to break away from the expected and take burgers to the next level!


Recipe here: Kitchen Sanctuary

These look beautiful! I will try and make them today.

Easy Homemade Hot dog Buns

Recipe here: The Flavor Bender

These are soooo good and so easy to make! I have tried A LOT of recipes for hot dog buns, but they were never quite right. Until now! Definitely saving this in my recipe binder.

Pretzel Hamburger Buns

Recipe here: Jcocina

These are just amazing. I’ve wanted to make them for forever, after I got a ton to try out in recipes. I knew I could make them myself.


Recipe here: Two Green Peas

I made these last night to make sandwiches with barbecue jackfruit and coleslaw. They are amazing!! So moist and I love the flavor!!


Recipe here: A Treats Affair

I love this! I have stared helpless in the bread aisle looking for buns. They are so expensive and look awful. I need to get on making our own.

Homemade Dog/Burger Buns

Recipe here: Baking Obsession

I can’t wait for grilling season to finally get started! Fresh, homemade buns are always better than store bought.

40-Minute Hamburger Buns

Recipe here: Taste of Home

This is my new go to recipe for buns. Quick, easy and so yummy. I don’t often have time to make buns from scratch, but can’t eat store bought buns. I’m so grateful for this recipe!

Burger or Hot Dog Buns

Recipe here: All Recipes

These are so soft and so fluffy! I just threw everything in the bread machine and had perfect hot dog buns!

Possibly the Best Burger Buns EVER

Recipe here: Parsley Sage Sweet

These look mouth-wateringly delicious. I want to eat the buns off the screen! Will definitely have to try making these buns one day.

Homemade Hamburger Buns

Recipe here: Domestic Dream Boat

Love this recipe! I made them in the bread machine which worked out very well. Only down side is I’ve always skipped the bun when having burgers but these are so good!


Recipe here: Just a Pinch

I love this! I have been looking for a good bun recipe forever! This is simple and quick!

Homemade Hot Dog Rolls

Recipe here: Grilling 24×7

These homemade hotdog buns are fantastic. They are soft yet a little firm on the outside and have a great buttery flavor. Homemade bread is just amazing and these rolls are just that!

Pretzel Hot Dog Buns

Recipe here: Food Network

I tried recipe and had good success with it. They are fluffy, soft, with a nice caramelization and they taste just like a pretzel.

Homemade Hot Dog Buns

Recipe here: Joy the Baker

Oh I love love love eating hot dogs! I will only eat hotdogs if its from a ballpark, at the movies, or if it’s been roasted over a fire. All three of those places make the hot dog taste like 100x better 🙂

And having homemade hot dog buns would totally make it taste even better. Man now I want a hot dog!


Recipe here: King Arthur Flour

Easy and delicious. I followed the recipe exactly, with great results. I would not bake with my convection button on because the ends get more brown. To compensate and get a softer texture there, I brushed the brown ends with water. Worked like a charm. The taste and texture is great!

Image Credits: Kitchen Sanctuary

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