Top 5 Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Every woman who was pregnant at least once know the struggle during pregnancy with all the back pain and hard moving, throwing up, food cravings and if you want to deliver normal, well my dears there are a few tips you should know. I relieved my back pain during pregnancy only exercising and with a few daily yoga poses. I delivered normally and it wasn’t so painful. Beside I strengthened my body and muscles and no stretch mark for me. Those yoga poses are very healthy for you as a future to be mother and for your little baby who is waiting to face the real world. Here are 5 of the most important pregnancy yoga poses I’ve practiced during pregnancy.

1. Extended Side Angle Pose

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The most important thing to this yoga pose during pregnancy is to keep a bent knee. After doing this exercise you’ll feel like your floating.

2. Triangle Pose


Image Credits: Gracelingyu

During pregnancy you have to modify a little bit this pose not to wide your stance too much.

3. Sitting Side Stretch


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This yoga pose will help you to open up the side waist and pelvis. As a bonus you’ll stretch the hips.

4. Dolphin Pose

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It will relieve your back pain for good and will stretch your body. This is a must do yoga pose.

5. Child’s Pose


Image Credits: Howcast

Kind of hard to do this yoga pose when you are in 6 months of pregnancy but it’s not impossible. As your belly grows, I mean baby :), you have to spread your knees apart to create space and to keep your toes together.

Image Credits: 2ndflooryoga

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