13 Travel Destinations That Will Change Your Life Completely

These travel destinations should be on your bucket list.
Sometimes traveling can be very exhausted because there are so many places to see and so very little time. And the trick is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have the holiday of your dreams. Whether you take your luggage and travel with no destination or make a plan for your next trip. So and so you should go and visit this big and wonderful world. So, we’ve made a list with some of the most exciting and life changing places around the world.

1. Paris

Image Credits: Kevinandamanda

Audrey Hepburn once said that “Paris is always a good idea.” Although, some destinations are perfect for certain age, Paris should be on every traveler’s list – whether you love art, food, wine or nature (or however), the City of Light has everything for everyone.

2. Montreal


Image Credits: Planetware

It’s the perfect destination for art lovers and for nightlife lovers. The art galleries are a must see and maybe you can combine that with the independent nightlife.

3. Italy


Image Credits: Orangesmile

You will never run out of places to visit in Italy. Besides those big cities, villages and small towns are full of charm and you’ll fill yourself with good vibe around those fairy places.

4. London


Image Credits: Bing

This metropolitan city it’s on top of every list. Take a walk along Thames and stop at Claridge’s tea house where Queen Elizabeth used to drink her five o’clock tea there.

5. Morocco


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This is on everyone’s taste. You have Marrakech’s, with its beautiful surroundings (you must explore), and don’t miss the city of Fes, which looks exactly like a labyrinth.

6. Japan


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Cafes in Tokyo have robot waiters, and this is something you have to see. The “New World” mixed with the “Old World” with all the temples and the traditional tea ceremony.

7. Argentina


Image Credits: Dreamstime

It’s definitely a place to visit on a budget. The truth is street food it’s more tasty and cheaper than the one served in restaurants. Do not forget to take tango lessons from the locals.

8. Iceland


Image Credits: Mirror

Reykjavik, capital of Iceland offers a varied landscape: you can scuba dive here or visit an ice cave.

9. Hong Kong


Image Credits: Twitter

The perfect choice for your first time to Asia. You have Paris and Hollywood all in one. And the skyscrapers are a great inspiration for the architectural world.

10. New York


Image Credits: Instagram

New York it’s an unknown place even for the locals. There are a lot of place to visit beginning with the Statue of Liberty to Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. A travel destination for all ages, and trust me, you will never get bored.

11. Bermuda


Image Credits: Blog.wellapointedhouse

Beaches are all over the world, but pink sand beaches you’ll find only in Bermuda. It is said that are the most beautiful beaches in the world.

12. Ireland


Image Credits: Irlandando

The Emerald Isle has it all! Whether you want to drink good beer, while having a discussion with a local or visit the main objective here you will feel great.

13. Great Reef Barrier


Image Credits: Scoopnest

Short trip to Australia? Well, you shouldn’t miss the Great Reef Barrier. It’s simply magnificent. Scuba there and you’ll change your life perspective.

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