15 Overnight Mason Jar Breakfasts To Prevent Chaotic Mornings

Mornings happen at the absolute worst time of the day and I agree with this. Everyone wants to sleep and to wake up which time they want, but we have a job or other responsibilities we should take care of. We all love to sleep 5 more minutes and if we organize our time like a pro, mornings won’t be very awful. When it comes to breakfast we can prepare it the night-before to prevent a chaotic morning. So, we should thank to Mason, the jar inventor because he created such thing in which we can prepare and pack our breakfast.

1. Scrambled Eggs In A Jar

This looks like a great idea and you can actually eat breakfast at any time of the day. Or you can have it for brunch.

2. Roasted Strawberry Parfaits


I already did this recipe and were absolutely perfect! My son and I loved them for breakfast. I used dark chocolate and red berry granola. Get recipe here.

3. Mini Frittatas in a Jar with Asparagus & Pancetta Recipe


This look delicious. I am always looking to incorporate asparagus in food. This is one nice recipe with asparagus and very easy to prepare. Healthy breakfast in a jar.

4. Blueberry Pancake In a Jar


Pancakes are my favorite. But packed in jar? Are you kidding me? Best breakfast ever and can substitute lunch as well. 🙂

5. Easy Mixed Berry Yogurt Parfaits For Summer


It might look like a dessert but it has the necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins your body need. So, pack some dessert for breakfast then!

6. Bacon and Eggs in a Mason Jar topped with Avocado, Tomato & Basil


Off to go saturate breakfast! Very tasteful and healthy, all packed in a jar! This can be the best lunch ever!

7. Bacon & Eggs in a Jar – Mason Jar Breakfast Recipe


This is one is simple: just bacon and eggs. But this is absolutely amazing to prepare for your kids in the morning and husband, too. Try it, because my family was very delighted of my surprise.

8. Grab and Go Oatmeal


This is the perfect idea for quick and healthy oatmeal breakfasts. So, for those who are into a healthy life, it’s great! Get recipe here.

9. Teeny Tiny Baby Cinnamon Rolls In A Mason Jars To Go


Well, what do you think about that? Easy to prepare and the result: delicious! Best treats in a jar. Thank you, Robin!

10. Breakfast Banana Cocoa Overnight Oats


It is said that 2 bananas is the equivalent of a full breakfast. Well, then pack them in a jar…with cocoa and oats. Health and taste under a lid.

11. Mason Jar Breakfast Casserole


You can prepare this recipe, and others which contain eggs, with a night before and refrigerate them. They are great for a busy morning. You can easily microwave them. So, enjoy your breakfast then.

12. Healthy Lunchtime Chickpea Salad


They can say lunch but I think it’s perfect for a busy morning, too. You can get the perfect amount of vitamins for the entire day. I would give it a try! Recipe here.

13. Easy Cajun Shrimp For Breakfast


For breakfast, shrimps are too much sometimes, but I would serve them for brunch…or lunch better. The idea is terrific. Definitely I would try this recipe.

14. Breakfast in a Jar Part II


One of my friends told me about this recipe, and she actually prepared these for breakfast and packed one for lunch…yeah, she eat both jars once! So, prepare 4 of these delicious breakfasts just to be sure.

15. Mason Jar Eggs


Best on-the-go protein breakfasts. My advice is to seal the lid very well, because your co-workers might be curious and you’ll starve until lunch.

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