4 Foods That Reduce Acne And 4 Foods That Make It Worse!

A flawless skin isn’t about just using the right beauty products, but also we have to pay great attention to what we eat. Well, studies show us that acne is the most annoying and common problem regardless the age.
Beauty habits must be followed by a healthy diet because it has a great impact over the skin. Which are the right foods we should eat and which are not to avoid acne and blackheads? Well, my family’s nutritionist made a list of some foods which develop the appearance of acne and I’m telling you that my cousin tried this, let’s say diet, and with the proper beauty products she got rid of acne and blackheads. The fact is she was dealing with this so called disease for almost 2 years.
Here’s a list of foods that shouldn’t miss from your plate.


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You find them in yogurt, cheese, cabbage and pickles. They help in reducing inflammation and the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Salmon and nuts are rich in Omega 3 (good fatty acids) and are very good in treating stomach inflammation.


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Add to your diet lots of green vegetables such as (spinach, beans, lettuce) and berries.


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When you are dealing with severe acne it means that it’s a low level of essential minerals in your body. Fill your pantry with bags of cashews and almonds.

And if you want flawless skin and not to suffer anymore from acne you should stay away from these foods:

Coconut oil

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The most famous oil used for beauty is unfortunately a dangerous one when it comes to acne. If you notice a strange allergy around your mouth, try changing coconut oil with sunflower oil.

Whey protein

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It seems that whey is one of the ingredients that trigger acne. It was noticed a skin improvement for those who have renounced to foods containing whey protein.

Foods with high glycemic index

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Such foods raise sugar levels in the body and with it increases the level of hormones. It’s best to consume foods rich in fibers.


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Two times danger. Not only dairy products cause their own hormone production, but some of them come either from pregnant animals, so they can contain a large amount of hormones, or from animals fed with artificial hormones.

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