7 Things That Are Making You Fat And It’s Not Food!

Getting fat happens for many reasons. Some people say that you can gain weight because you’re eating too much and don’t exercise. Of course, this is the most common way to gain weight but there are reasons for those extra pounds and they have nothing to do about with food.
Our body goes through many changes, from birth to puberty, first period, adolescence, pregnancy, menopause etc, so it’s absolutely natural like our weight to fluctuate. Most often, you can’t control your weight.
You must remember that your weight is just a number and your health is the most important thing to take care of.
Look to the following reasons and which is the reason of your extra pounds.

1. Other birth control pills

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Some birth control pills which aren’t suitable for you can affect your weight. This fluctuation shouldn’t be too high and must ask yourself some questions and go visit your gynecologist.
You’ve changed your daily program
Maybe you started to wake up early or you started to go to sleep very late. Any change when it comes to sleeping may affect your weight. The best part is that your body will adapt to the new sleep condition and you’ll lose weight.

2. You’ve changed your sport ritual

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Strange, isn’t it? Sport should help you lose weight, not gaining weight. When your body is going through stressful situations, it releases cortisol to convert amino acids into glucose, then to turn glucose into abdominal fat. So don’t worry if your body will understand this stressful situation as a gym routine. Everything will adjust in time and you’ll get rid of fatty excess.

3. You’re constipated

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Dehydration, junk food, poor fiber diet can lead to constipation. You should do your number 2 at least once a day. So, take care of your digestive function for an ideal weight and even more important for your health.

4. Don’t feed your body

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Just like that your body doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs, so it starts storing those little nutrients he gets, and so you’ll add some cm around your waistline. Eat more fruits and vegetables or, at to your doctor’s directions take some food supplements.

5. You’re ovulating

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When your body is starting to produce its monthly ovulation you’ll feel the effects of this phenomenon. Bloating and water retention are the most common symptoms. You’ll feel a little cumbersome, but don’t worry your weight will get back to normal soon.

6. You’re getting old

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Metabolism becomes increasingly slower as we age. Simply with age, it will be very hard to lose weight, even if you have a healthy lifestyle.

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