Top 15 Practical DIY Storage Ideas For A Neat Garden

When it comes to gardening, for me it’s a pleasure! It’s a relaxing activity and also enjoyable where your whole family can attend. So, I purchased a lot of gardening tools to ease my job and make it more pleasant. The only problem I encountered was the storage for all my gardening belongings. Because I didn’t want to spend a fortune on garden furniture I decided to do it myself, and I’ll ask my kids to join. This way we’ll interact with each other and they’ll grow creative and beautiful. Searching all over internet I found some creative gardening storage ideas to put all my gardening tools to make my backyard look stylish.

Old Dresser Turned Portable Bar

This is an awesome transformation. It’s not actually a tool deposit, but it’s perfect to decorate your garden! Awesome masterpiece.

Tool Shed Updates


Awesome shed, functional and stylish. Who’d thought a tool shed could serve as such a win win? It’s absolutely perfect!

Garden Mailbox Tool Shed


A friend of mine done this clever shed and looks pretty nice. Very inventive! You should try it!

Pallet Storage


Cheap and clever way to hand your tools on the wall. And other garden items. So, check this out here to see how it’s done.

Shoe/shed Organizer


A shoe organizer placed in your greenhouse…or simply in your shed to keep your items in there. Creative isn’t it?

Organizing Outside Toys


Supermoms just know how to storage, in all creative ways, their kids toys. And the garden is tidy again.

Outdoor Toy Organization


Another idea for toy organization, big toys lets say, very useful. This way your kids will become tidy persons in the future and well organized.

Wood Storage


Simply and useful wood storage, to keep your fire woods dry and away from rain and snow. Very clever idea.

Lawn Tools Storage


Perfect way to keep your tools in one place. Not to look for them all over your garden. I’ve tried this idea and it works for me. See tutorial here.

How To Make A Terracotta Pot Table


This is a cool craft idea and perfect for outdoor furniture. Restore your old garden items and do your own outdoor furniture. Tutorial here.

DIY Ladder Shelf


This is my future project. I’ll start doing this easy job and place my pot flowers on every shelf. I’m sure it will look just beautiful. Nice information here.

DIY Rolling Storage Cart


It’s very useful for your kiddos to collect their toys in a clever way. It will be fun for them as well when they’ll roll down their cart from place to place. Tutorial here.

Old Drawers Into Porch Planters


These are adorable! They would make cute occasional tables too! Yey, I hardly wait to make one for my garden. Cute planters.

Cedar Planter Box with Hidden Hose Storage


2 in 1! From the outside it looks like the cutest planter ever, and on the inside it’s the best storage place for your garden hose, or other gardening items.

Pallet Fence Project


Hide your trash bin behind a beautiful fence, or cover them with cleverness by turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Tutorial here.

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