15 Brilliant Gardening Hacks Every Gardener Should Try

Enjoy gardening? Me too, that’s why I decided to ease my job in the garden by trying all kind of inventive hacks. So, I’ve made a top with all the things I’ve tried or I’m about to try to do in my garden. Here are some brilliant hacks for all you garden lovers out there. And I want to special thank to all those creative people who decided to share their master work with us. Take a sneak-peek through all these funny and useful hacks.

1. Stop Invasive Plants From Taking Over Your Garden

Weeds are every gardener’s enemy! But with these awesome inventions they won’t bother you anymore.

2. Bye-Bye Weeds!


I found an article with a bunch of information about getting rid of these annoying herbs. So, try these innovative remedies to say farewell to hand weeding.

3. Diapers For Potted Plants


Oh my God! When I saw these interesting article, I said “what the hack”. But to be honest, I’ve tried and it really works. So, go ahead gardeners and try these easy gardening trick.

4. Improve Your Gardening Soil Without A Compost Heap


Kitchen junk is the best compost ever! I’m using these tricks for years and I don’t have problems with my crops and herbs. Great for anything! More information here.

5. Improve Your Gardening Soil With Eggshells


To complete this article you can do the same thing with shrimp shells and tails. Their properties have a lot of benefits for the soil.

6. Mini-Greenhouse Using Soda Bottles


Your plants will grow harmoniously exactly like in a greenhouse. And faster! See whole tutorial here.

7. Growing Roses In Potatoes


I’m going to try this trick. I heard a lot of positive and negative reviews of this method. But I’m going to try it no matter what. If you are curious too, see how it’s done here.

8. Keep Animals (pests) Away


Use plastic forks to keep pest away. These is a common problem among gardeners. Pests are everywhere and to be honest, I’ve tried all awkward solution to get rid of them. Information here.

9. Save Rainwater


Super amazing! Rain water is clean water very good for your plants, for your whole garden. And this way you’ll save money. Do your own rainwater barrel!

10. Baking Soda For Your Crops


A friend of mine once told me that baking soda is fairy tales magical powder. Actually you can use this powder for everything, and gardening is one of them. Benefits for tomatoes.

11. Eggshell Seedlings


Natural, eco-friendly cops. Best offer ever! Place your seedling in eggshells and wait until your crops will grow. I already tried this trick and I’m telling you, my crops are definitely bio!

12. Self-Watering System Made From Plastic Bottles


Make some small holes in a plastic bottle and bury it in the ground to keep the soil’s moisture. Step-by-step tutorial here.

13. Divide Your Onions


Grow onions differently with this easy hack. They’ll spread healthy using only a plastic bottle.

14. Gardening Pound


Decorate your backyard like in a fairy tale. Make your own pound from recycled tires. You need some extra time, that’s all! Whole tutorial here.

15. Hide Wisely Your Gardening Items


Perfect planter but what’s underneath? Hose’s hiding place. I have one of these in my backyard. It’s very useful. Make your own.

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