Top 10 Stylish Ways To Wear A Fur Coat

Fur – real or artificial, has this great advantage that will always keep you warm and it will bring a luxuriant touch to your outfit.

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1. Choose to wear complementary graphic pieces in the same shades for a perfect outfit.

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2. As you can see an oversized fur jacket can give to any outfit a cool touch. Even if the outfit is made of ultra basic jeans and loafers.

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3. Don’t avoid wearing a colored fur jacket with disco valences. A funny tint never hurt nobody, so be bold.

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4. A fur coat will make you look like a drama queen if you combine it with an all black outfit.

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5. Astrakhan is the perfect texture for eclectic outfits where vintage prints dominate.

Image Credits: Thefashionspot

6. Animal print + fur? Well, yes! Just take care in keeping the rest of your outfit in an extremely casual and neutral line.

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7. A few fur inserts on an oversized jacket will generate an extremely special effect.

Image Credits: Elleuk

8. If you find a multicolored fur jacket, but extremely graphic and with close color shades or complementary, don’t hesitate and purchase it instantly!

Image Credits: Streetfashionofficial

9. You will definitely find a similar sheepskin jacket in your mother’s closet…or grandmother’s. Wear it with some cool boots and wool fabrics for a stylish look.

Image Credits: Theimpression

10. Rely on the highly graphic effect of a fur jackets in classic black and white duo shades. This is the center piece that will get you out of trouble when you don’t know what to wear.

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