Top 11 DIY Greenhouse Tutorials For Organic Gardening

These greenhouses are amazing and perfect for growing your own organic crops, no matter the season. When it comes to food, I choose organic because I don’t want to poison my body and my family with all chemicals. So, my husband and I decided to build a greenhouse to plant veggies there for our every day meal. After a long search all over the internet I gathered some of the best greenhouse tutorials to share them with you, maybe you want to build a greenhouse, too.

DIY Pallet Greenhouse

This is beyond beautiful. Outstanding greenhouse with a tin roof. Your plants will grow beautiful inside this cozy house. Tutorial here.

Make a Row Cover Hoop House


This hoop house is very easy to build and very useful. It will protect your vegetables from frosting and it will last longer. Tutorial here.

Cd Case Greenhouse


This small greenhouse is perfect for flowers in winter, but you can keep inside any plant to grow harmoniously. Tutorial here.

Bottomless Box


This mini greenhouse will keep your vegetables and crops away from the cold weather, so you can harvest fresh veggies all winter long. Tutorial here.

Trampoline Greenhouse


That is seriously one of the most impressive repurposing ideas I’ve ever seen. A big thank you to Heather for sharing this incredible idea with us.

Cold Frames


This is an awesome project and very simple, too. This cold frames will give a warmer place to your crops. Tutorial here.

Retractable PVC Hoop House


This hoop house is very handy to any gardener. Plant crops inside and uncover when it’s sunny outside, leaving your plants to enjoy the sun. Tutorial here.

Barn Greenhouse


This barn won’t be build in a blink of an eye, but it’s worth every minute of every hour, because you’ll have it forever. It’s big and if you have a big garden you should build such barn. Tutorial here.

Greenhouse From Old Windows


Awesome! We have thought about building a greenhouse from windows in our backyard, this is great inspiration to actually do it. Love this tutorial.

Geodome Greenhouse


This dome is perfect to be build in a small garden. Spacey and if cover it well it’s going to be very hot inside. I’ll gather my family to build one in my grandmother’s garden. Full tutorial here.

Greenhouse Made From Plastic Bottles


This is an awesome idea. Want to try it? Ask your friends and colleagues to help you collect plastic bottles to build such a wonderful thing. Thank you dengarden for sharing with us.

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