The World’s 15 Most Disturbing Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

A picture speaks a thousand words. These 15 photos are absolutely disturbing!

The Atlantic Slave Trade

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This picture was taken abroad the HMS Daphne a British vessel on 11/01/1868. The child slaves were rescued and freed.

The Spanish Flu Outbreak

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The Spanish Flu broke out in 1918 and killed over a 100 million people worldwide. The world was devastated. In this seemingly ‘normal’ picture, you can see how people are struggling to be normal and while being cautious of the deadly flu.

Starving Mongolian Woman

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This picture was taken in 1913 by Stephen Passe and was published in National Geographic. When Mongolia was newly independent, it was a common punishment to lock criminals in boxes like this until they almost starved to death.

William Saunders’s Photographs

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William Saunders’s was a British photographer who went to China to photograph this fake beheading, encouraging Britain to take over China and ‘civilize’ it’s people.

The Hiroshima Bombing

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When America bombed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The strength of the atomic bomb was so much that people vaporized on spot leaving behind the permanent shadow as seen above.

A Berlin Wall Rescue

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This German soldier from the East notices a child who got separated from his parents, he knows he shouldn’t help the child but yet there he is on the lookout to make sure no one’s there to catch him when he does help the boy lifting him across the barbed wire fence.

Famine And Photojournalism

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This picture was taken by James Nachtwey, an American photographer during the Sudan’s 1993 peril near a feeding center.

Makeshift Morgue

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This picture shows a man throwing the body of a dead child into a makeshift morgue at the general hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 15, 2010. The picture won the 1st prize of General News Stories and World Press Photo in 2011.

Keith Sapsford (1970)

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

A 14-year-old Australian hid in the wheel of a Japan Air Lines on its way to Tokyo from Sydney. An amateur photographer took this picture as the boy fell 200-feet to his death as the plane took off.

The Holodomor

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

This Ukraine famine was one of the worst in the world’s history. It was the genocide of millions of people, almost comparable to the Holocaust. This is Kharkiv in 1933, corpses lie on the street while passersby go about their tasks.

The Vietnam War (1972): ‘Napalm Girl’

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

This picture captures the terror of Vietnamese children as they escaped down a road. This Pulitzer Prize journalistic war image was taken by Huỳnh Công Út, near Trang Bang after an aerial napalm attack by U.S. troops.

A Nazi Concentration Camp’s Mass Grave

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

The Nazis killed 50,000 people at the Bergen-Belsen camp before it was liberated in 1945 (Anne Frank was among those slaughtered). “Mass Grave 3” shows camp doctor Fritz Klein standing among the dead. He decided if prisoners should be sent to the gas chamber because they were unfit to work. He was later hanged for his atrocities.

China’s Crime Executions: Ling Chi

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

The image below from 1910 shows the country’s public method of torturing and executing of criminals called Ling Chi, which is death by “a thousand cuts and slow slicing.” Although China abolished the practice in 1905, it apparently continued afterward.

The Shanghai Baby

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

The Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937 eventually meshed with World War II. During a bombing, a Chinese station which was a shelter for women and children. This baby somehow survived but was badly injured.

The Fire Escape Collapse

Image Credits: Top Rated Viral

This picture was taken in 1975 during a fire when a fire escape collapsed resulting in the babysitter and girl falling while they were seconds away from being rescued by a fireman.The child survived by landing on the babysitter’s body.

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