Top 30 Best Cleaning Tips And Tricks Every Housewife Should Know

I believe that all housewives share the same feeling when it comes to cleaning. Tired of all trade market chemicals causing all sort of allergies, I decided to go eco-friendly. It is said that using natural products will make your life easier and I definitely want to try that. So, what can I say, thanks God internet exists and you can find all kind of cleaning tutorials and advice to get rid of dirt from every corner of your home. That’s why, my darlings, I want to share with you some nice tricks I found on the internet to clean your home. Trust me! I’m a housewife and it works.

1. Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Craving for natural cleaning products? Make your own and start cleaning around the house with them. Magic will happen. More information here.

2. Natural Cleaning Of Stinky Shoes


Lets face it! We all have hard-working husbands and when they come home, even if they are CEO’s, something happen with those shoes. So, I found an article with more information to get rid of the smell.

3. Housecleaning With Toothpaste


Didn’t know this trick! Toothpaste isn’t the most eco-friendly product, but these tricks are very useful.

4. Whiten Tile Grout


Another useful trick to whiten your tile grout with homemade products. Easy and cheap…and non-toxic. Great instructions here.

5. Get Rid Of Bad Smell Inside The Fridge


Well, when you put cooked meal in the fridge, the fridge gets that strange, awful odor, very persistent sometimes. But thank you cleaning-ideas for sharing these information.

6. Remove Urine Odor And Stains Out Of Your Mattress


These article would’ve been useful for me a couple of years ago, when my kids were still wearing diapers. I want to add this information for other mommies, maybe will help.

7. Remove Grease Stains Out Of Your Walls


There’s always a sticky situation under and near every stove. Those grease stains are absolutely annoying. But, I found a natural solution even for this dirt.

8. Clean Household Items With Coffee Grounds


Coffee – it’s used in beauty rituals, health, waking you up every morning…and it seems it’s great in cleaning too. More information here.

9. Clean Disgusting Orange Stains From Your Bathtub


When you’re moving in a new flat, the mess you find there is disgusting…and those orange stains always remember me of my first apartment in NY. But here you’ll find how to get rid of them cheap and quick.

10. Remove Mold And Musty Odors From Fabrics


Those little black stains and that musty smell…yeah, it’s mold on your clothes. But here is some information to get rid of it quickly.

11. Clean Cat Pee From Hardwood Floor


Owing a cat? Well, these information it’s perfect for you because have personality and I’m sure she did something wrong.

12. Remove Limescale From Your Faucets


Bathroom has to be clean, always! So, I’ve done my homework and find something for the limescale too. Read here more information to get rid of it.

13. Clean Your Smelly Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaner starts smelling awkward after you use it. I washed the dirt bag…nothing, then I found some information here to get rid of the smell. Thank you for sharing.

14. Homemade Liquid Detergent


Preparing your own natural products…this is natural. Not purchasing them, because something fishy still lays in that bottle. Do it yourself.

15. Vinegar – The Cheapest Way To Remove Limescale


Another option to clean your house with vinegar! Use it everywhere because it’s the magic ingredient from every kitchen.

16. Clean And Sanitize Your Washing Machine


The washing machine must be cleaned frequently, because it will start smelling strange if you don’t. More information about this here.

17. Remove Burnt-On Grease From The Oven Glide Racks


This dirty job is very hard to make. It requires time and plenty of effort to finish this. Thanking to cleaninginstructor I got the key now.

18. Clean Rust From Pipes, Tools, Ceramic And Enamel


Easy peasy to clean rust now with this useful tricks. Try it too to see its quick effects.

19. Clean Windows With Salt And Vinegar


Get rid of allergies using natural products. And windows are cleaned very easily with this natural solution. More information here.

20. Remove Pet Hair Out Of Carpet


We all love pets and they are our best friends, but they leave hair all over the house. And here is the great trick to remove it.

21. Unclog A Sink Drain


Sink always clogs…especially the kitchen sink. Instead unclogging it with chemicals, try this trick.

22. Clean Silver With Natural Products


With time, silver darkens and loses its glow. But if you try one of these tricks you’ll gain its color back.

23. Remove Red Wine Stains


We all love red wine but when a drop falls out of the glass it’s very hard to remove the stain. getting rid of them it’s impossible sometimes. But a granny seems to have the solution.

24. Clean Your Oven Naturally


Cleaning your house with eco-friendly products is the best thing you can do for you and your family. Keep it safe and try this amazing oven cleaning method.

25. Cloudy Dishes Remover


Dishes are getting old too, and you can see that your favorite glasses or cups don’t shine like they did before. But I found on this site a remedy to bring back dishes glow.

26. Dry Your Clothes In No Time


Sometimes I’m in a hurry, especially when I’m going on holidays. And I have do my laundry, to pack, but some clothes are still wet…and I haven’t knew about this quick drying method until read this article.

27. Unclog Your Drains


As I told you earlier drains clog easily and it’s very hard to unclog them. The most efficient and handy method are chemicals. But here I found another effective eco-friendly method and I wanted to share this with you.

28. Leather Upholstery Cleaning


Leather needs special care and it’s better to use special products to get rid of stains or fine scratches. But there is a special homemade mild cleaner that you can do it yourself.

29. Proper Pool Cleaning


Backyard pool? Count me in! But you have to clean pool’s basin properly if you care for your health. A lot of dirt and bacteria are found in a pool. Here are some useful information to clean your pool.

30. Air Conditioner Cleaning


It’s recommended to clean the air conditioner after using it a whole season, not to spread germs and bacteria. Here are some useful tips to clean your air conditioner properly.

31. Natural Dish Washing Detergent


Use natural dish washing detergent instead of chemicals. Dishes are clean and you’ll keep you family safe in a non-toxic environment. Useful information here.

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