10 Steps To Achieve The Chemical-Free Gardener Title

Every gardener should take a good care of his garden to protect it from pests and to use less chemicals for organic crops. It’s not easy to be a gardener: it takes time and money and sometimes you can be disappointed when your crops start withering instead of growing brighter and healthy. To achieve a golden medal for a free chemical gardener you should follow these easy steps and your crops will be organic.

1. Plants to attract beneficial insects

The best way to keep your garden chemical free is to plant flowers that attract beneficial insects. You can bring lady bugs, bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to take care of your garden. You can see here which are the beneficial plants for your garden.

2. Weed killer


Get rid of weeds from your garden with natural products. Use a natural solution made from 2 equal parts of vinegar and hot water and pour it over weeds to stop them from growing. Avoid your crops. See information here.

3. Grow Sweeter Tomatoes


you can grow sweeter tomatoes using this tip: sprinkle baking soda around the plant onto the soil. This way tomatoes will absorb nutrients and will grow sweeter. More instructions on thekitchn.com.

4. Manage Your Soil Conditions


Take care of soil in your garden using mulch. It will keep warm and it’s not necessary to use chemicals to help plant’s growth the next year. Here you’ll find how to do this job.

5. Organic Compost


Make your own compost from food waste not to spend money on chemical fertilizers or soil boosters. More info here.

6. Deter Pests


Use plastic forks to keep pests away like slugs and snails. Cats and raccoons, rabbits and dogs, they will back off when they’ll see those not to stab themselves into it. How to: here.

7. Natural Insect Repellent


Prepare your own insects spray, using one of these oils: thyme, peppermint, rosemary or clove. Add 10 drops into a spray bottle and filled with water and spray over plants. Recipe here.

8. Crop Rotation


Rotate crops every year to use soil’s ability to its full capacity. This way you’ll harvest more crops annually. Schedule here.

9. Insects Hotel


To bring beneficial insects to your garden, build this “insects hotel”. It’s made o cork and wood and it’s the perfect place for them. Remember, beneficial insects are crucial for your garden. Tutorial here.

10. Keep Pests Away


Build a fence around your crops to keep pests and animals away. Big animals such as deer, cats, rabbits, etc won’t ruin your soil and fence. More info here.

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