5 Manadatory Rules To Take Proper Care Of Your Hands In Winter

It is said that hands are your business card that’s why they always have to be neat. Because of cold weather, bacteria and aging hand skin begin to be harsh making it unpleasant. So, now that the cold weather has arrived we have to take proper care of our hands and follow these rules for a smooth hand skin. Here are some useful information to prevent dry hand skin and some suggestion of special hand care products.

1. Wash your hands frequently

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It’s mandatory to wash your hands often. Unfortunately, the water is very hard and dries your skin. In addition, you have to use lukewarm water, not too hot or too cold because it will harsh your skin even more. Another important thing is to use special gloves to protect your hands from chemicals and aggressive detergents.

2. Exfoliate your hand skin at least once a week

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In winter time it’s not recommended to exfoliate your hands skin very often, so once a week is enough. Removing dead skin too often leaves your hands more vulnerable to low temperatures and will dehydrate quickly.

3. Intense hydration

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Keep in your purse a moisturizing hand cream and use it after you wash your hands. Choose an anti-aging cream with active ingredients to stimulate cell regeneration.

4. Choose a hand mask

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At least once a week, after you’ve exfoliated your hands skin, apply a nourishing mask or olive oil (it’s a very good moisturizer, according to specialists) and put your hands for 15-20 minutes in special cotton gloves, for an enhanced effect.

5. Wear gloves when you’re going outside

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Even if there are 32 degrees F outside and you think it’s not so cold, hands feel weather variations especially low temperature. It’s better to wear natural leather gloves because it will keep you warm and cold won’t touch them, leaving your hand skin breath at the same time.

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