5 Scalp Detox Masks For Hair Regeneration, Itchiness And Dandruff

One way to ensure your hair grows long and healthy is to go a step further than shampooing by doing a scalp detox treatment.

Hair products that we use daily can clog pores by creating build up on top of accumulated dead skin, which can cause dull, greasy hair, and slow hair growth.

Therefore, detoxifying your scalp is a great process to include in your healthy hair care regimen.

Here are the best scalp detox recipes to help regenerate your hair:

Detox your scalp for healthier hair

Recipe here: Thirsty Roots

To prevent dry hair and scalp, this mask treatment is for a deep clarifying cleanse and should not be used more than once a month.


Recipe here: The Indian Spot

Scalp detox treatment includes a mask and a scalp massage that helps to exfoliate the scalp, remove any build up to let your scalp breath. The mask helps to detoxify the hair follicles, roots, oil glands and scalp.

Deep Scalp Cleanse with EOs And Coconut Oil

Recipe here: Camp Wander

Go ahead, let yourself revel in the feel of whipped coconut oil infused with the clean tingling sensation of Rosemary and Melaleuca EOs. Pure Ahhhh!

DIY Scalp Scrub to Promote Hair Growth

Recipe here: The Confetti Collective

Exfoliation, regardless of where it occurs, promotes cell turnover by removing dead, dull cells and uncovering glowing youthful skin.

It also detoxifies the skin, improves product penetration and reduces sun damage and fine lines.


Recipe here: Pins and Procrastination

So if you have scalp dryness, itchiness, or dandruff, make sure to try this soothing scalp mask out. It is effective, inexpensive, and easy to make. You really can’t go wrong.

Image Credits: E-IFI

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