Top 10 Incredible Tasty Mussels Recipes Perfect For Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas is the holiday when all the family is reunited and it’s about sharing presents and making wishes. So, why not making a culinary gift for all your family members and do your best to prepare the most delicious mussels recipe to warm everyone’s soul. With this exotic dish you’ll achieve the Master Chef title, so let’s take a look over these yummy Mussels recipes and pick your favorite.

1. Portuguese-Style Mussels In Garlic Cream Sauce

This recipe sounds like Heaven! And Latins definitely add a “pinch of soul” in their dishes. It’s a must-try recipe.

2. Steamed Mussels with Tomato-and-Garlic Broth


Tomato sauce it’s best for mussels…and I think I can’t wait ’till Christmas to prepare this recipe.

3. Lime Coconut Curry Mussels

Lime Coconut Curry Mussels |

Easy to prepare, this recipe will be bookmarked for sure. My husband loves the taste of coconut and I’ll surprise him.

4. Moules marinière


French people definitely know the magic ingredient when it comes to seafood. Remember Ratatouille movie :)? In just 10 minutes you’ll have a tasty dinner. Recipe here.

5. Beer Steamed Mussels


This is a must-try recipe. I already prepare it and it’s very delicious. Yummy and easy to prepare. Recipe here.

6. Creamy mussels with smoky bacon & cider


Well, I heard about all sort of combinations for mussels sauce, but this one it’s definitely a keeper. With cider…hmm, sounds delicious. Recipe here.

7. Pasta With Mussels in Tomato Sauce


It’s awkward to serve pasta on Christmas Eve dinner, but it’s not ordinary pasta. Prepared with seafood they are delicious. You should try this recipe.

8. Easy Bouillabaisse


It’s great to prepare this time of year – warms you right up. And the flavors are so great. Definitely worth trying. Recipe here.

9. Creamy Garlic Mussels Recipe


The flavor it’s amazing. As a tip you can replace wine with Belgian unfiltered beer. It will splash up your senses. Recipe here.

10. Mussels With saffron And Mustard


Excited to find this recipe over internet! I eat when I was in France and I still want crave for this recipe. Thank you Andrea for sharing this recipe with us.

Image Credits: Blog.Jenniferdavick

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