12 Brilliant Ways To Wrap Christmas Presents

Be original this holiday season and wrap Christmas presents in a funny and creative way. There are a lot of ideas over the internet and I chose the unique ones to bring a pinch of Christmas spirit under the big green tree and in my beloved ones souls.

1. Potato Wheel Wrapping Paper

Awkward way to make wrapping paper but very unique and creative. And the secret lies in a potato. Tutorial here.

2. Nature Elements


These wrappings are fabulous and also cheap. Try this creative idea here.

3. Flannel Reindeer


Wrap soap bars in a flannel reindeer. Great for scented Christmas decorations also. Idea here.

4. Rustic Gift Bags


Burlap gift bags are a perfect idea to wrap handmade presents. I love this one.

5. Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Yarn


Only a talented person can think to such a creative idea. Thanks for sharing this stuff with us. More info here.

6. Techniques for Gift Wrapping with Kraft


Well, here is another innovative idea of wrapping your Christmas presents. Your friends and family will give you the Christmas wrapper medal. More information here.

7. DIY Felt Gift Attachments


Uh la la! How many wrapping ideas here, from mistletoe to Christmas wreath to hang on your front door. Get ideas here.

8. Santa’s Coat


Dress-up your present with this DIY tutorial in all Christmas characters.

9. Reindeer Present


Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen designed on every family member present. The way you see them, apply it their gift. Craft idea here.

10. Funny Present


Well, it’s about reindeer but they are so wonderful and you can create all sort of cute little presents. Information here.

11. Christmas Light Wrapping Paper


Tie the presents with this handmade wrapping light bulbs. Very smart idea, let’s face it! Tutorial here.

12. Holiday Gift Wrap


Really, really unusual but so pretty! Wouldn’t have ever come to this idea!! Great!! But i’m always so sad that the unwrapping takes just a few seconds. Tutorial here.

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