Top 15 Entertaining Christmas Games To Fill Your House With Laughter And Good Vibes

The most wonderful time of the year has come with all the jiggles and jolly moments! And let’s keep it jolly ‘till the end and gather your whole family and/or friends and spend some quality Christmas time together. And we’ve prepared some entertaining and funny moments for this period. I’ve already send Christmas party invitations to my family and also prepared a funny Christmas eve program, like this awesome games I’ve found on the internet. Fill your house with laughter and good time playing these games.

1. Poke-A-Tree Game Idea

Well, I should thank Dawn Wade for sharing this super-idea with us because I’m so using it this Christmas! We have 3 crazy days to play and laugh like lunatics.

2. Super Fun Christmas Game


What a GREAT game! I love doing simple inexpensive things that are fun and truly memorable. We are going to absolutely do this after dinning. Tutorial here.

3. What’s Your Elf Name?


This sounds fun! I’ll play this game with my kids and nephews and call on their elf names for the whole holiday period. How to play here!

4. Jingle Bell Toss


I love this idea and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Go ahead and try it too!

5. Saran Wrap Ball


This is “super-duper” fun! Goodies wrapped into a ball with a big surprise inside! How does it sound? Whole instructions here.

6. Printable Christmas Bingo Game


This is so darn cute. I can’t wait to play this with my kids! Thank you Diana for the clear information.

7. Snowball Toss


This is an amazing game to play with your friends…and family, but I can’t see grandpa throwing balls into cups. Nice game.

8. Snowman Slam


Kids will adore this game! Organize them and hit the play button. Laughter and noise will rule Christmas! Instructions here.

9. Reindeer Anters


Hop, hop like a reindeer around and win the prize you want. Funny game!

10. Christmas Minute to Win It Games


Haha! I hardly wait to play this one! I’m wondering if someone is going to win after a few cups of wine. Game instruction here.

11. Punch A Present Gift Idea


Punch your present and see if your the lucky one in winning the big prize. If it hurts after the punch you might be lucky. Game instructions here.

12. Brad, The Christmas Tree


I’ll decorate grandpa this year with his grandchildren. It will be hilarious for sure. Tutorials here.

13. Hidden Present Riddle


Christmas mad libs to find your present. Print it here.

14. Christmas Guessing Game Printables


Print these cards and start playing! Very entertaining game and it organizes your mind. Print here.

15. Christmas Chandelier


Bottom’s up and go!go!go! You’ll find here more awesome games and pretty funny! Hardly wait for Christmas!

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