10 Handmade Christmas Cards Tutorials To Jiggle Up Winter Holidays

Hi there my reindeer! I feel Christmas jolly already and I hardly wait to wrap presents up and to give them with lots of joy and love. Because Christmas is about giving and sharing with others. Well, complete Christmas gifts with a handmade card to fill your beloved ones souls with love and good thoughts and to leave a pleasant in everyone’s mind. Go ahead and pick one, or more, of these amazing Christmas cards to complete your Christmas gift.

1. A pile of gifts pop-up card

This is a very nice Christmas card and I’ll give it a try. Hope I’ll make it just like in the image. Step by step tutorial here.

2. Stampin’ Up Catty Jolly Stample


Thanks for sharing this video tutorial with us, Linda and this card I’m going to make and give it to my grandmother.

3. Doily Christmas cards


Super easy to make this card and you can ask your kids to join you. As a tip, you can paint the tree. Tutorial here.

4. Snow-covered fir/pine tree


Great idea! I really love this one and I’m going to make this Christmas cards for all my family this winter holidays. Step by step tutorial here.

5. Happy Holidays


Painting skills? You can create this beautiful cards very easy, but if you don’t have painting skills still can try realizing them. They are handmade and everyone will appreciate it! Tutorial here!

6. Potato Printing Cards


Happy feet on a Christmas card! I would love to receive such a thoughtful card. Tutorials here.

7. Reindeer Footprint Christmas Cards


Or you can easily create such a funny Christmas spirit card. You can print your happy feet on a Christmas card.

8. Shaped Christmas Cards


These Christmas cards are “delicious” and involves some extra time but the result is worth it. So, grab your scissors and start working. Step by step tutorial here.

9. Christmas Card Ornaments


This is stunning, I love the layering and the fact that added snowflakes to the back side too! That tinsel border is gorgeous and must have been so time consuming too! But is such a beautiful card. Tutorial here.

10. Holiday Card Display


What a beautiful idea! And the information is very clear. Thank you girls for sharing this stuff with us.

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