11 Unique Christmas Tree Ornaments To Dress Up The Forever Green Tree

Cheer up your Christmas tree and create some beautiful ornaments. All Christmas characters hanging on the forever green tree, all together, dancing and having a good time, because it’s the most beautiful time of the year after all. So, go to work, gather the things you need and start crafting with your kids all you need for the perfect holidays. Here are some inspirational Christmas tree decorations for a merry, jolly Christmas!

1. Wooden Sled Ornaments

This is such a sweet classic ornament, very adorable. A good reason to love popsicle sticks. Get tutorial from firefliesandmudpies.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Baubles


Pretty cute ornaments! Thanks to liveitloveitmakeit we’ll go back to childhood.

3. Mini Yarn Hats Ornaments


Christmas hats hanging on your tree. Very impressive and genius ornaments. Love these colorful hats. Get tutorial from Easypeasyandfun.

4. Garland Stars


Make a team and start looking for twigs. Then make this wonderful garland and hang on your Christmas tree. Get tutorial from spalvotasdryzuotas. Even if is written in other language, the picture are very inspirational.

5. Glittering Popsicle Sticks


This looks like fun. And when fun is mixed with useful things then good things are coming out from your hands. Get tutorial from onelittleproject.

6. Rolled Paper Ornament


And there are plenty of ornaments to be done from rolled paper. All shapes in all colors. Very creative and very cheap. Thanks for the tutorial to hertoolbelt.

7. Dried Citrus Ornaments


Citrus leftovers? So what, gather them and make the most scented and beautiful wreath, perfect for your Christmas table. Get tutorial from gardenmatter.

8. Make Adorable Wood Slice Owl Ornaments And An Owl Tree


Those are amazing owls. I know, it involves plenty of time but they are so, so gorgeous and they will fit perfectly in my living room. I’m going to try this crafting project and place it near the Christmas tree. Tutorial here.

9. Popsicle Stick Angels


In the following article are a lot of Christmas decoration ideas, but these angels are my favorite and they’ll be perfect in my Christmas tree. Thank you sortrature for the inspiration.

10. Tuna Can Tea Light Hangers


Love this idea, but I think it’s very dangerous for the indoors, especially if you have naughty kids, but I think they are perfect for the outdoors. Hanging on the porch. Thank you for the idea hometalk.

11. Ice Skates Ornaments


Nice ornaments, winter touch. I never thought to such thing. Beautiful ornaments and they are perfect to hang everywhere not only in the forever green tree. Get tutorial from decor4all.

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