Top 13 Yummiest Lasagna Recipes To Blast Off Christmas Dinner

Was the night before Christmas and mommy was still in the kitchen cooking and making all sort of crazy and untraditional recipes to surprise us all. And she did surprise the entire family with the most delicious and finger licking lasagna. That’s why I selected from all over Pinterest and created a top of the most mouthwatering lasagna recipes to blast off Christmas this year.

1. The Best Damn Lasagna on Earth – They Say!

Made this last night for my family. We all agreed that it was the BEST damn lasagna EVER! Worth trying to spend some time in the kitchen cooking this yummy dummy lasagna. Get the recipe from aspiringsmalltowngirl.

2. Hearty Vegetarian Lasagna


Vegetarian? Great! There is lasagna for you with all those tasty veggies! Healthiest lasagna ever! Get recipe from eatingonadime.

3. Lamb And Peas Lasagna


You’ll really nail it with this recipe. Phenomenal. It’s amazing how something so rich can at the same time taste really bright, fresh, and interesting. Gorgeous flavor combo. Get recipe from iamafoodblog.

4. Squash and Broccoli Rabe Lasagna


Broccoli may not be everyone’s best friends, but believe me that they’ll all love the taste of these magical lasagna. Already prepared it! Get recipe from bonappetit.

5. Turkey Sausage Lasagna


O, la, la! Thanks chowhound for sharing this marvelous recipe with us to delight our stomach.

6. Creamy Chipotle And Italian Sausage Lasagna


Oh my godness! To make one and freeze another? Best idea ever! I’m going to try this for Christmas! Get recipe from thereciperebel.

7. No-Noodle Zucchini Lasagna


Hmm it looks delicious! And it seems that you can make it with eggplant too! My brother is a fan of eggplants and I’ll make him a surprise but not for Christmas, for his birthday before holidays! Get recipe from sayyes.

8. Mexican Lasagna Enchilada Stack


Definitely craving all of the cheesy deliciousness of this lasagna enchilada stack right now. As a Mexican food lover I can never go past a good Mexican inspired dish. Yummy indeed! Get recipe from recipetineats.

9. Philly Cheesesteak Lasagna Is Here To Make You Fat


Yes, you’ve read well because after eating this lasagna you’ll crave for more…and more means bigger tights and belly. But you can’t miss this lasagna recipe from thrillist.

10. Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Lasagna


You’ll blown everyone’s mind with this recipe! Sounds strange to put Brussels sprout into lasagna but I bet it’s absolutely delicious. Get recipe from howsweeteats.

11. Pumpkin And Kale Lasagna


Perfect recipe for fall and winter too. This is great for Thanksgiving, but maybe next year! Also you can make it for Christmas too. No says what to eat when Santa comes in town. Get recipe from foxeslovelemons.

12. Taco Lasagna


Ohh, I want to see my husbands face when he’ll taste from my taco lasagna. Delish in a a dish! Get the recipe from the-girl-who-ate-everything taco lovers out there.

13. Cowboy Lasagna


I am a big fan of Garlic so I”d love to try the hearty roasted garlic sauce especially added in lasagna. get recipe from loavesanddishes.

14. Strawberry Cheesecake Lasagna


And the last but not the least recipe is the most tasty cheesecake ever! Prepared like a lasagna, you’ll rock on Christmas Eve dinner with this cake. Get recipe from tablespoon.

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