13 Christmas Tree Ideas To Change Ordinary Into Extraordinary

That’s why we love architects because they have the “ability” to take ordinary things and make them extraordinary. Their imagination is taken to another level, making the most unusual things look fabulous. When it comes to Christmas decorations you’ll be surprised how a wooden slat can change into an amazing Christmas tree. I searched over internet and made a collection of the most unusual Christmas tree collection to surprise Santa Claus this year.

1. Minimalist X-mas Tree

‘Cause it never been simple to make a Christmas tree! Non-traditional but it symbolizes the perfect forever green tree! Read on cantstopmakingthings other ways to use this multipurpose Christmas tree.

2. Driftwood Tree


Away from home and don’t have space for a real Christmas tree? Or you’re just eco-friendly this is perfect to make on your wall. More info on apartmenttherapy.

3. Tree decoration driftwood


A whole driftwood tree where you can just add some Christmas decorations make the most modern Christmas tree ever. Get the tree from etsy.

4. Ladder Tree


Just take the freaking ladder out from the garage and throw some tinsel and some ribbons and there you go, a beautiful Christmas creation. Whole instruction on kayerachelledesigns.

5. Readaholic Tree


This is both beautiful and brilliant. What a wonderful, non-wasteful idea. I truly love it! How is made on mediatinker.

6. Pillow Talk


Marvelous idea! Gather some pillows, add star on top and voila! Santa will be trilled to see this one! More ideas on Creativeideas.

7. Newspaper Christmas Tree


Daily New York Times is very useful not just for keeping in touch with events from all over America, but also to create the perfect Christmas tree. More info on motherearthliving.

8. An Anthropologie Tree


Splendid in it’s raw simplicity! I saw one in my hometown library, well almost the same. More info on ppandorasbox.

9. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile


I love it, it could be the Invisible man’s invisible Christmas tree :). Great invention. Thanks for sharing with us notmartha.

10. Heart Tree


This tree is fantastic with all its simplicity and green color. Recycle this every year and you’ll blow Christmas off with this innovative creation.

11. Wall Tree


Bring all your memories to another level and create your whole life tree. Great imagination on designsponge.

12. Book Page Tree


And this is the centerpiece of Christmas in my house this year. Love this amazing idea. More ideas on designsponge.

13. Empty Boxes Tree


This is fabulous and you can feel free to decorate the way you want. Either color the whole tree or simply just add some ornaments. Idea of ohmaidarling.

14. Wooden Tree


Image credits: Unknown source

This tree is special designed to be used for Christmas. Simplexio style by adding some colorful napkins in those small holes and a lightning bulbs and here you go! The Christmas tree taken to another level.


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