13 Winter Cocktails Santa Should Bring To You

Winter-3 whole months of cold weather. Snow may sound amazing picturing yourself a fairytale moment, making comfortable on a sofa covered with a fluffy blanket and drinking that hot cocoa our grandmothers was preparing for us every time we went visiting them. Well, we’ve grown up and it’s time to have that cozy moments but, put the hot cocoa away and what do you say about a tremendous delicious cocktail to warm yourself up a little bit. And believe me that I’ve done my homework and searched for the most exquisite ones and created this top. You should try one of these.

1. Christmas Sangria

These are gorgeous! I love the colors, and it looks delicious. I am always looking for different drink combinations, especially around the holidays. Thanks for sharing halfbakedharvest.

2. Boozy Butterscotch Crock Pot Apple Cider


Oh wow so easy! Another drink on my list to make on holidays. It looks “complicated” from the picture but it’s quite easy to prepare. Recipe on lemontreedwelling.

3. Blizzard

This is quite yummy! I’ve recently started enjoying whiskey and bourbon as well and this reminds me of Sour Whisky, one of my favorite drinks. I’m going to replace lemon with lime because they seem to go together. Recipe on thespeckledpalate.

4. Grinch Hot Chocolate


Ho!Ho!Ho! Thanks for this recipe Katie because it sounds pretty soul warmy! This is a must on the cold weekends list.

5. White Chocolate Snowflake Martini


There are snowflakes in a jar! White chocolate is my favorite and combined with Martini! Yummy! Recipe on blog.lulus.

6. Gin & Appletiser A Refreshing Christmas Cocktail


This drink looks like Christmas and I bet it tastes like Christmas too. Perfect, anyway for the whole winter, so if you are interested in making this drink you’ll find the recipe on fussfreeflavours.

7. Holiday Drink


Easiest holiday drink ever! Perfect for a chit chat with the girls. Recipe here, on behind-the-scenes.

8. Snickertini {Snickers Martini}


This is brilliant! I bet you’ll become a cocktail fan after drinking this one. Recipe here: nospoonnecessary.

9. Melted Snowman Martini


This one is actually perfect for the end of winter. Joking! It’s great too be drank anytime because it’s perfect for this time of the year. Recipe here: eatdrinkbecozy.

10. Cranberry Moscow Mule


These Cranberry Moscow Mules would make every holiday, the best holiday! It looks like Russians know what to drink :)). Recipe here: joyfulhealthyeats.

11. Rudolph’s Cranberry Fizz


This year we’ll ask Santa to bring Rudolph and drink it! Because this cocktail looks fantastic. Recipe here: utry.

12. Classic Irish Coffee


I’m not an alcoholic but I would drink this coffee daily in winter because it’s freezing outside. And it taste just perfect. Great recipe here: bettercocktail.

13. Spicy Gingerbread Vodka


This is a really nice drink that would make a great digestive with the ginger in it. Very warming and not too sweet. Great drink on deliciousmagazine.

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