14 Christmas Theme Cupcakes That Will Look Better In Your Stomach

Treat your family with delicious treats! These Christmas theme cupcakes look delicious and as a cupcake fan I can tell you they taste as they look like. After an incredible Christmas meal sweeten up your soul with one of these delicious cupcakes. You can have one of Santa’s reindeer or even Santa for dessert! Of you can add some Christmas super-powers and eat a whole Christmas tree. Your choice! So, save your favorite cupcake recipe to impress your family members.

1. Christmas Light Cupcakes

These cupcakes are about the cutest thing I’ve seen for Christmas! I just adore them! You did good Bakedbree.

2. Santa Hat Cupcakes


Those are some red cupcakes! I hope your tongue won’t be red after eating these. 🙂 Thanks Lauren for sharing with us.

3. Snowflake Cupcakes


These are some glorious cupcakes. Love the snowflakes. I associate these cupcakes with Frozen movie, Olaf more precisely. Get recipe from glorioustreats.

4. Christmas Tree Cupcakes


These are some fabulous cupcakes. I have a friend and made these cupcakes last year. Turn out delicious. Get recipe from justataste.

5. Cheesecake Stuffed Christmas Tree Cupcakes


It takes some time to get these done, but look how they turn out! Absolutely fantastic and I’m sure they taste as good as they look. Get recipe from tablespoon.

6. Reindeer Cupcakes


I’ll send this recipe to my mother to surprise my kids these winter holidays. They love grandma surprises. Get recipe from withsprinklesontop.

7. Frosty Cupcakes


These are absolutely adorable! I think I won’t wait until Christmas to make these cupcakes. Get recipe from food.com.

8. Red and Green Layer Cupcakes


They look very elegant and will fit perfectly on a Christmas candy bar! You can try bake these for a Christmas party! Get recipe from cupcakepedia.

9. Wreath Cupcakes


Yummy yummy in my tummy! I’m not a sweets fan but cupcakes! I do love cupcakes! These actually look natural and delicious. Get recipe from javacupcake.

10. Mini Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Super cute and super sweet cupcakes. Great green color and they look like real Christmas trees. Get recipe from lydiabakes.

11. Snowman Cupcakes


Marshmallows in a cupcake? I want to thank Cake Central for all the special and delicious inventions they’ve made. get recipe from cakecentral.

12. Festive Cupcakes


Embrace Christmas table with these ready to party cupcakes! They really look festive and super yummy! Get recipe from bakingmad.

13. Christmas Cupcakes With Wreath Icing


As someone who is obsessed with cupcakes, I’m pretty sure I need to make these happen in my life. Truly, they look to good to be eaten! 🙂 Get recipe from dearcreatives.

14. Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes


So cute and they look like they were a lot of fun to make! They would be fun to take to a Christmas party! If our plans changes an we’re going to a Christmas party I’m going to prepare Santa’s reindeer team! Get recipe from halfbakedharvest.

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