Top 13 Christmas Table Settings You’ll Fall In Love With

Thinking in gathering the whole family around the table for Christmas? Well you should consider in choosing wisely the table setting not just to surprise your guests but also to give a pinch of magic and sparkle. That’s why I searched over the internet for some fabulous ideas for table settling bring magic at Christmas dinner.

1. Christmas Table Centerpiece

I LOVE the centerpiece! I have a lot of vintage pieces in my home, and NEED this centerpiece for my table! Awesome tutorial on

2. Christmas Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

These are so cute and clever! Love these candlesticks. They are great on top of the fireplace. Great tutorial on

3. Christmas Tree Napkins

Great napkin decoration and it’s very easy if you follow the step by step tutorials from

4. DIY Christmas Luminaries

This is very cute. I love the greenery added inside and the polka dot jars. More info on

5. Christmas Table Escape

This Christmas table setting looks like in fairy tales. So beautiful and full of sparkle and joy. Just love the idea. Plenty of information on

6. Christmas Pomanders

Crafting in citruses and the result: simply amazing! Add these as a decor on your table for a pinch of freshness. Crafting tutorial on blog.seasonwithspice.

7. Table Setting With Pinecones

Oh my Gosh, these are absolutely adorable. And there are other crazy and adorable ideas to use pinecones for decorations. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us

8. Snowmen On Your Table

This would make a nice experience for your family. Decorating your dinning table with Christmas characters will bring definitely jolly in your home. Information from stagerlinda.

9. Candy Holders

Image Credits: Villahov

These will fit great on my Christmas table next to my centerpiece and candle sticks. Are very useful like everybody to know where their sit is to avoid chaos.

10. Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

These are great for a sit down Christmas dinner. They fit perfectly among the plates and other Christmas decorations. Useful information on

11. Simple Wine Cork Trees

Now there’s a great idea for all those corks I’ve been collecting! This is the perfect way to do something useful with them. Thanks Kelly for sharing this idea with us.

12. Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece

Lovely! I thought it was real when I first looked at it. They are such a great centerpiece. How is made on

13. Around The Table

Dress up your Christmas table with these adorable utensils holders. Red socks to be filled with goodies. Great info on

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