Fancy & Classy: Top 25 Fabulous Outfit Ideas For A Stylish Christmas

This Christmas try the sassy, classy and a bit smart assy style by wearing one of these absolutely gorgeous outfits. Try the “mommy just kissed Santa” outfit or simply “hot chocolate” outfit. Shine and be jolly wearing the right attitude in the right outfit. If you want to visit grandma or just hosting a Christmas party you have to look stunning, my dear! Inspire yourself from this top and pick your favorite outfit to wear this year for Christmas.

A Pinch Of Lovely

Image Credits: Apinchoflovely

Perfect for Christmas! What would you want more than a red and white color combination? Angles would say: lovely!

That Christmas Dress

Image Credits: Memorandum

You will look traffic-stopping in this amazing little black dress.

Plaid Circle Skirt And Pine Pumps

Image Credits: Bloglovin

I’m in love with the entire outfit. Looks like a school teacher very serious and professional.

Holiday Tartan + Sequined Skirt

Image Credits: Bloglovin

A bit of sparkle matched with this plaid circle shirt you’ll look fabulous for sure. Lovely attire.

Emerald Green For Christmas

Image Credits: Choies

Love this midi-skirt. And it can be matched with a white blouse for a tint of seriosity.

Mommy Kissed Santa Outfit

Very office and very classy. It great to wear at the office Christmas party.

Fur Jacket To Warm Up

Image Credits: Glamsugar

Just lovely! Little Red Ridding Hood and a fur jacket.

Long Red Skirt

Image Credits: Heartswoon

Be mysterious in this black and red outfit. It is said that only courageous women wear this color combination. So?

Draped Garnet Jumpsuit

Image Credits: Anthropologie

Jumpsuits are back in fashion for several years now and they are still on top. This marsala jumpsuit, very classy, will match perfectly with Christmas environment.

Lace Dress To Impress<

Image Credits: Stitchfix

Gorgeous is the word! Great to wear to a Christmas party. Because it’s too stylish to wear it to a family reunion.

Ho!Ho!Ho! Mrs. Santa’s Dress

Image Credits: Bloglovin

When you don’t know what to wear – go red! This dress is stunning! If you have to attend a Christmas wedding this is perfect.

Sequin Dress

Image Credits: Pinterest

Just imagine how would you look in this exquisite dress. Perfect to wear on New Year’s Eve party too.

Ashley Fair

Image Credits: Pinterest

Gloom in this outfit. This is one of the most favorite outfits of 2017.

Taller Look

Image Credits: Pinterest

Sequin top with high waist pants to impress everyone with your “highness”.

Sequin Party

Image Credits: Pinterest

Shine like a “Goldiva” for Christmas. Go to a party? Perfect! Wear this shiny gold dress and you’ll rock the stage.

Sequined Legging Pants

Image Credits: Pinterest

Pants and an extra large blouse. Messy hair and voila – the perfect outfit to catch all looks.

Chic and kick

Image Credits: Tallgirltales

Great outfit of you want to a friend house party or just dinning with your folks.

Bumble Bee

Image Credits: Instagram

Buzz all night with this chic outfit. Princess outfits are never out of fashion.

Vintage Vibes

Image Credits: Extrapetite

This skirt i very eye-catching. Love the whole outfit. Angelic look for Christmas.

Just Like Santa

Image Credits: Merlineventslondon

Cute attire, prefect to dine with your family than to take a run out in town. Great to combine both events.

Christmas Tartan And Sequins

Image Credits: Viewfrom5ft2

Just perfect for me. I think I would choose this outfit for the first day of Christmas. Two style combined this takes a lot of courage and I’m in.

Christmas Tartan And Lace

Image Credits: Stitchfix

Another bald outfit for this year Christmas family gathering. Perfect to be stunning.

Red And White

Image Credits: Pinterest

Just all white with a pinch of red..tights. Bald enough for you?

Obsessed With Fashion

Image Credits: Fitmommydiaries

Oh, I just love this one. I’m going to look forward to achieve this outfit, not only for Christmas…just for winter.

Snow Day

Image Credits: Foreveramber

Or go Scottish this year and be one of Santa’s helpers. This is an happy elf outfit.

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