The Amazing Health Properties Of Mulled Wine (+ 5 Delicious Recipes)

There are lots of health benefits of mulled wine. By boiling, the wine enhances its effects.

We already know that red wine has many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, the strongest of them being the resveratrol. Because of yeast and vitamins that red wine contains, this magic potion becomes a powerful ally against seasonal diseases.

Red wine prevents atherosclerosis

Along with cinnamon, mulled wine improves severe cold symptoms, chills and prolonged fever. Experts say that a single glass of mulled wine reduces body temperature by 2 degrees.

Doctors recommend red wine to prevent atherosclerosis. A single glass of red wine a week keeps heart diseases away. Antioxidants from this drink remove free radicals and cleanse the blood of toxins.
Moreover, the red wine is a good ally for most women. Wine based masks are best suited to combat epidermal diseases and fight aging.

Slow Cooker Spiced Wine

Recipe here: Well Plated

I love spiced wine! This looks like it would warm me up down to the bones!

Cranberry Orange Mulled Wine

Recipe here: Wine and Glue

I love pretty much anything cranberry + orange! I would definitely need two glasses of this goodness!


Recipe here: Tidy Mom

This looks so delicious! I didn’t know you could use cider in mulled wine… awesome!


Recipe here: Nourishing Jo

Can’t wait to try the Swedish Glogg this Christmas! Yum!!


Recipe here: The Cookie Rookie

The queen of beverages is back! Haha. I love this combination and that wine sounds stellar! I am so excited for this drink with the cold temperature setting in.

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