13 Desserts That Will Rock On Your Christmas Table

Get ready for dessert! After some intense thinking I looked over the internet for some special desserts to embrace Christmas this year. I want to bake some other cakes and goodies beside Christmas theme ones. And some of them really caught my eye and I just want to share this tremendous delicious information with you. Prepare to sweeten up your eyesight with the following recipes.

1. Christmas Tree Sheet Cake

These treats shaped as Christmas trees will be that thing that everyone will eat…just to taste, they say! Recipe HERE.

2. Pine Tree Cake

Evergreen trees forest placed on white cake will be the centerpiece of your Christmas table. Recipe HERE.

3. Stained Glass Cake

Absolutely stunning! Looks exactly like you’ve broken a glass over the cake. Great idea. Recipe HERE.

4. Candied Pretzel Cake

The sweet and salty taste in the same cake. Great combination of flavors. Recipe HERE.

5. Eggnog Pudding

A huge egg not in a cup. Seems like a lot of work in the kitchen but the result is worth it. Recipe HERE.

6. Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Trifle

Goodies in a cup. After a high carbo meal this dessert is like a cherry on top of a big cake. Recipe HERE.

7. Grape Slab Pie

Look at this sweet cherry pie. Goosh! My mouth is watering right now. I will bake this pie in the following weekend. Recipe HERE.

8. Butterscotch-Banana Trifle

Perfect no-bake dessert recipe. Serve this to your guests if you’re hosting a Christmas party. Recipe HERE.

9. Pumpkin Mousse

Snow mousse layering and chocolate curls all in a cup full of flavor. Recipe HERE.

10. Mini Cheesecakes with Sugared Pecans

Ohh, how delicious these mini cheesecakes look like? And I’m a fan of cheesecakes and these definitely would stand tall on my Christmas table. Recipe HERE.

11. Sweet Potato Pie

Did you think that potato are good only to be fried in a pan? No way! They make the best pie in the world. Recipe HERE.

12. Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

So much goodness. Yum! Yum! This roll cake is perfect to be on a plate next to those Christmas tree treats. Recipe HERE.

13. Caramel Dipped Pears

And the last but not the least, these chocolate dipped pears are the star of the night! They will dance on your Christmas table and will disappear in a minute. Recipe HERE.

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