5 Important Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Fresh Fruit Juice

If you want to have liquid breakfast rich in vitamins and minerals it’s necessary to know the following thing: how to choose a fresh juice; a really fresh and healthy fresh juice! Because supermarkets most of the time tricks you when it comes to products quality.

When you drink smoothies, made from fruit, vegetables and herbs, you feel more energized and your body will receive more vitamins. But beware if you want to choose a fresh from supermarkets! Not all are as healthy as they seem!
So, should you buy bottled fresh juice or freshly squeezed? Or the one that tastes better? How important it is to be organic? It would be better to purchase a juicer?

1. Freshness

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No wonder you hear about some products such as olive oil, that are cold pressed. Cold pressed juice retains all fruits or raw vegetables nutrients. So choose cold-pressed juices, made from fruits, vegetables and fresh green herbs. There are pasteurized juices, but don’t choose those because they lose their nutritional value!

2. Quality

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One of the reasons that green juices continue to be increasingly popular is that they are full of nutrients. But when you choose a fresh from supermarkets you must read the labels because it is possible that used vegetables to be full of pesticides and herbicides. Search for juices made from organic ingredients, to be sure that you don’t swallow something you don’t want. Even if they are more expensive, it’s worth it!

3. Taste

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When you’re buying a fresh fruit and vegetables juice, already packed you don’t know how ingredients looked like before they were squeezed: if they were fresh or starting to go bad. Search, however, to choose a balanced mix of greens and vegetables with a touch of fruit, which to taste fresh and vibrant.

4. Sources

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Ingredients origin is related with quality. If you find a homemade fresh juice from local producers, choose that one! Fruits and vegetables are fresher and organic if they don’t travel from one continent to another. You know what I mean!

5. Convenient and affordable

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Easy access and facility to purchase a fresh juice daily it’s extremely important. If it’s not convenient for you to purchase it, probably you won’t make a habit of it. For example, it’s harder to find fresh cold-pressed juice to your neighborhood store or supermarket because cold press occupies a lot of space and it’s usually used in restaurants and organic stores. And, maybe it’s not very handy for you to buy daily fresh juice from such place. The best option it’s to prepare your own freshly squeezed juice. It takes only five minutes and you have to purchase o juicer and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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